Daily Archives: January 2, 2007

Near Cat-astrophe

We started the New Year quietly…slept until 9:00am, rose, made coffee, enjoyed the quiet stillness of a near perfect morning. And then – yowling from the office! Kip and I rushed in to find Gizmo writhing about in front of the closet. Her tiny paw was trapped beneath the door! I squated next to her to try to ease her paw free and discovered that it was not the door which trapped her – but, a skirt hanger which had clamped down on her toes and then become lodged against the closet door. I’m sure that Gizmo though it was a monster biting her and she lashed out like a wild cougar. It took us several minutes to figure out how to free her from this self-imposed trap, but eventually we did. Incredibly, she was only bruised. But the damage to her ego was by far the greater injury and she lay with a pitiful expression on the rocking chair, allowing Maia to wash her. Kip offered her a bit of her Christmas milk treat, and that seemed to sooth her trauma. All is well with the world now. Gizmo is back stalking the dogs and tossing her teeny mouse toys in the air. But I have noticed she is staying far, far away from the closet where the hanger-monster lives.