Daily Archives: January 10, 2007


Perhaps it is because for more than six months I lived in chaos amid dust, the debris of demolition, cans of paint, nails and manly power tools…but I have not been able to stop reorganizing for weeks now. I put things away only to move them somewhere else a few days later. I have neat piles of things to file, and lists about where to file them. I’ve restacked my TBR pile of books, organizing them by challenge.  I’ve emptied my closet and filled a couple of bags of clothes to get rid of. I’ve thought about finally putting in order my scrapbook stuff (it’s a huge job and everytime I consider doing it, something else beckons me). At least I’m ahead of the game this year with tax preparation. The other day I gathered all my receipts, burned a CD of all my files, and put plump rubber bands around my work files to ready them for the tax lady visit.

So, in the spirit of reorganizing my entire household, I thought I should do the same for my blog. You might have noticed a new look – a bolder, more metropolitan color scheme, and more links and categories. Last night I made two new categories: Diary of a Remodel (where you can find all my articles on the hell of remodeling one’s home) and Animals (which holds tales of furry and not so furry friends). Hope you enjoy it – and don’t be surprised if it gets reorganized again.