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Ten Things I Love that Begin with the Letter “C”

Thank you to Lotus Reads for including me in my first meme!

1.  Carrots – Best just raw with a little salt…but I’ll eat them steamed or boiled or simmered in a stew as well.

2.  Cats – I have two; or perhaps I should say two cats have me. I love when they purr; they make me laugh when they chase each other around the house; I envy their dignity.

3.  Comforters – There is nothing better than curling up with a good book under a soft, downy comforter. The thicker and softer the better.

4.  Caribou – No, not the deer; my dog! I got her when she was just seven pounds and seven weeks old. She’s now 85 pounds and almost nine years old. My first search dog, my partner, my constant guardian, my “kid.”

5.  Chocolate – The darker the better…drizzled over ice cream, stirred into an ice cold glass of milk, baked into a cake, or just a big chunk that melts lazily over my tongue. Ummmmmmmm…

6.  Canines – I used to do german shepherd rescue; I gave that up but still dogs show up on my porch looking for a kind word, a bowl of chow and a soft place to sleep. I can’t resist stopping to say “hello” to any dog I meet. Along with Caribou, I share my home with Argus who is just a funny, good natured boy.

7.  Cotton Flannel Pajamas – Especially after a few washings when they get really soft.

8.  Camping – I used to like hoisting a back pack and hiking out in the wilderness to pitch a tent. Now that I’m in my forties, I find that I like the comforts I can carry in the back of my car; so camping nowadays is usually “car camping” where I can pull in next to a gorgeous stream and unload tons of food, an extra blanket or two and my air mattress.

9.  California – I first moved to California from New England in 1989. I love the cliffs that drop off to the expansive Pacific Ocean; the blue sky days; the mountains near our home; the amazing array of wildlife; the fact that this is where I met my husband.

10. Children – I was never able to have one of my own, but that has not stopped me from being in children’s lives. I love my neices and my nephew, I love the kids I work with at Triple Creek Ranch. Kids make me smile.


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