Cone Head

Have you ever had an itch you had to scratch? Or a thumbnail you couldn’t resist pulling on? Or a sore spot in your mouth that you just kept poking at with your tongue?

Argus can relate to all of these. We’re just a bit past one week into his recovery from dental surgery, and his mouth is doing fine. But, the little shaved area on his leg (where the vet inserted the IV needle) has been giving him fits. He ignored it at first. Then the hair started growing back and Argus took notice. He just had to lick it…and lick it…and lick it. We tried scolding him. We tried spraying it with bitter apple. The result was he hid in the bedroom to lick and came out foaming at the mouth. Within a couple of days, the shaved spot on his leg became red, hot and raw.

Argus now wears the dreaded Shakespeare collar … better known as The Cone. He wonks its edges against walls, and clears the coffee table of debris each time he walks past. And he is still licking, only now he licks the inner walls of The Cone. He has kept his sense of humor and figured out that he can drag a toy into the conical sphere and toss it about.

Argus goes back to the vet for his follow up visit in five days. I hope by then his leg will be healed and we can stop calling him Cone Head.

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