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Booking Through Thursday – Short Stories or Novels?

Laura and Deb over at Booking Through Thursday, have come up with a couple of great questions this week.

1.  Short Stories? Or full-length novels?

I tend to enjoy the full length novel over a short story; but I read them both. A good short story is like a fast run down a ski slope – the scenery flashing by, the wind in your hair, the exhilaration of the quick journey and then finally arriving at the base, ready to go again. Reading a novel is more like cross country skiing – the pace is slower, you notice the snow laden trees, the tiny animal tracks zig zagging across your path, the smell of the cold air, the gentle caress of the breeze. You might stop, take a break, eat some lunch, then continue on again to appreciate your surroundings. The journey might take you hours instead of minutes. At the end, you might be a little tired, but you feel satisfied. I like the time it takes for a novelist to fully develop the story, weaving the lives of the characters through the plot, holding back some information so you might feel surprised at the end.

2.  And, what’s your favorite source for short stories? (You know, if you read them.)

I read The Piker Press every week for my short story fix. I also occasionally pick up a literary magazine, like Glimmer Train. And of course, if I see that one of my favorite novelists has a short story collection out, I can’t resist buying it.
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