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Not Just Another Ordinary Day

Sometimes life seems so ordinary – getting up, checking emails, making coffee, going to work, shopping for groceries, paying bills, going to the post office,  watching a few of your favorite TV shows…and then doing it all again the next day. Lately my life has seemed to have a mind of its own; I feel like I am rushing around doing the necessary things and then falling into bed at night exhausted. Every now and then I need a miracle or some magic to remind me that life is more than menial tasks and obligations.

Yesterday I drove out to Triple Creek Ranch to volunteer for a special event – a group of adults with developmental disability were coming out for two hours of riding and learning about horses. The event went smoothly and there were lots of smiles all around – exactly what we always hope for! After it was over, I helped pick up tack and put things away and as I was getting ready to leave, my friend Carla said: “Oh, the mother cat moved her kittens into the office. I meant to tell you!”

The mother cat is a stray. She is aptly named Spooky as she avoids people like the plague and will bolt whenever anyone gets near her. She delivered kittens high up in the barn about three weeks ago and since then had been routinely moving her kittens to keep them hidden. Now she had moved them to a spot where we could actually put our hands on them!

Carla, Dwayne, Cherry, Alycia and myself tromped into the office, pulled aside some boxes and there they were, three teeny-tiny balls of fur sans mama!

There is nothing like a baby animal. I scooped one of the little guys into my hands – his bitty bones felt frail beneath my fingers, his fur was pure silk against my cheek. He opened his blue eyes and released a little “mew” into the warm air of the office. I cuddled him, stroked his miniature ears, gazed at his perfect features. I held a miracle of creation in my hands. My heart filled with love – an ordinary day became something special.

Last night as I settled into bed a warmth still glowed inside me – and I was reminded that life is not just a series of menial tasks. It is much bigger than that.

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