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Prayers For Nattie

June 7, 2007

This morning the world lost a bright and shining light. Natalie lost her battle with cancer.

It is hard to understand why a person with so much to live for would be taken from us so quickly. My heart hurts. I think of those she has left behind and my grief and tears are for them – not Nattie, who I know is with God now – but for her children, her parents, and her friends who will have to live their lives here on earth without her. There are very few people who can reach across cyberspace and move another’s heart as Nattie did.  Even as she lay in a hospital bed, battling for her life, she thought of others – dictating words for her daddy to write on her blog to sooth and update her many friends.

She was special.

And she will be missed.


There are times when a person touches one’s heart – it’s inexplicable – but there you have it. A fellow blogger and a member of some of my Yahoo book groups (including my group – ANovelChallenge) is battling cancer. I don’t know why Nattie has touched my heart the way she has, but I feel connected to her. I don’t know Nattie very well. I love reading her blog. I find her wit and her faith uplifting. When  I heard she had been diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer, I felt a deep hurt, a kick in the gut, a feeling of disbelief.  Nattie is young and has two children. She is determined to fight this cancer.

And so I’m asking people who visit my blog to join Nattie’s friends and family in healing prayers.

Nattie’s daddy is posting updates to her blog, which you can find by clicking on the photolink below.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    June 5, 2007    

    There is a good chance that Natalie will come home on Wednesday. I had the chance to talk to her yesterday for the first time since the day after her surgery. She sounds good and hopeful and ready to kick a little cancer a**. Which is good, very good.
    I’ve been her friend for many years — she touches many, many people as she walks through life. Me included.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous
    June 5, 2007    

    I’m so happy to hear she will be home again soon – being “home” seems to help lift people up. Thanks for the update.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous
    June 5, 2007    

    Wendy, thx for posting this link. Like you, I have been touched by Nattie, but I did not have her blog address and didn’t realize updates were being posted there.
    I’m praying!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous
    June 5, 2007    

    Oh, glad I could help with the link. Thanks for your prayers – with all of them out there, I have to think it will help.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous
    June 5, 2007    

    I’m praying as well!

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