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In early January of 2007, I decided to challenge myself to read 20 books from the New York Times Most Notable Book list. It started as a personal challenge and grew to include many other readers with the same ambition. A group blog was developed where participants in the challenge developed challenge lists and posted reviews of the books they read. Some lively discussions have ensued! Because of the enthusiastic response to that challenge, I decided to expand things a bit.

The Notable Books Blog will include notable book lists from a variety of sources (not just the New York Times). Notable book lists will begin with 2007 lists (with the exception of the NYT Most Notable, which will begin with the 2008 list). The New York Times Most Notable Blog still exists – and it will be up to Ariel at Sycorax Pine if the challenge will continue for 2008. If it does, my hope is that contributors will cross post their reviews to both blogs!

Although there will be no formal challenge guidelines, participants to The Notable Book Blog will be encouraged to challenge themselves to read books from the lists and post reviews to the site. Cross posting to personal blogs is permitted (and encouraged!).

If you’d like to become a contributor to my new blog, please click on over there and request an invitation!

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