September 20, 2007 archive

Ashley’s Story


There is a special little girl who has overcome many obstacles and challenges in her short life. Her mom, Trish, posts about her journey on the blog Ashley’s Journal. I have been faithfully reading this blog for many months now. Trish and her husband, Dave, have so much faith in God’s plan for their lives; they aren’t saints – they have their moments of weakness and doubt, as we all do – but they always turn their eyes to the Lord when the going gets tough.

Ashley has had transplants, cancer, chemotherapy and many struggles to survive during the last two years. Trish posted the photo above in August – and I actually CHEERED to see Ashley looking so strong and healthy and happy.

But, this week Ashley is struggling again. She is in the hospital and she is very, very sick. Her family is asking readers to surround their little girl with prayer – and so, I am sharing her story here. Whatever your belief or faith, however you gather strength – I ask that you share that with this little girl who has an inner beauty and spirit that is truly inspiring.
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