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How To Tell if Your Boyfriend is the Antichrist

Very few books make me laugh until the tears roll down my cheeks. Patricia Carlin’s How To Tell if Your Boyfriend is the Antichrist is one such book.  My sister and I sat and read this book out loud, screaming with laughter and swiping tears from our eyes. Carlin’s “How To” reference guide for women includes over sixty boyfriend types you might want to avoid; and if you haven’t avoided them, Carlin will tell you if you should break up with them and how to do just that.

Some of the gems in this book include traits that might reveal your boyfriend is:
– Trying to murder you (His favorite position to sleep is with his pillow over your face…)
– Really a woman (Your periods are in sync…)
– A Polygamist (No problem with commitment…)
– A mama’s boy (Wants you to wear a nursing bra…)

Carlin’s dry sense of humor and perfect delivery makes this book laugh out loud funny. Is perfect for single women with a sense of humor; but married types who remember the dating years will also enjoy it!

Highly recommended.

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