November 16, 2007 archive

‘Tis The Season …

Kailana at The Written Word and Marg at Reading Adventures are hosting a fun event beginning December 1st. The Blog Advent Calendar is a chance for bloggers to share their holiday traditions, stories and recipes with other bloggers. Here is what Kailana and Marg say:

Each day anyone who wants to participate could take turns sharing a little treat with our friends here in blogland. For example it could be something about a holiday tradition, or a recipe, or a picture of a hot guy dressed as Santa, or a favourite Christmas memory, movie, song…anything you like. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas we would like to hear about what your family does during the holiday season, whether it be celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or anything!

We will create a list of links so that as people express interest we will add them to the list, and then we will post a link directing visitors to the appropriate blog.

I’ve signed up for December 7th. Won’t you join us? Pop over here OR here and leave a comment if you want to play!

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