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Advent Blogging…

Today is the first of December – you know what that means? It means the Blog Advent Calendar has started over at Marg’s and Kailana’s blogs.

December 1 – Becky posted about Christmas songs and sugar cookies.
December 2Lisabea will make you laugh – check out the Christmas eye candy (ooh la la), her recipe for no bake cookies, and her favorite movies and books for the Christmas season.
December 3 – Marg shares an Australian Christmas and Lady Tink tells us about family birthdays and trips to Georgia.
December 4Stroll down memory lane with Valentina as she recalls coveted toys (you all remember Legos, right?) and favorite movies.
December 5 – In the mood for a good Christmas story and some homemade cocoa? Check out Melissa’s Advent post.
December 6Join Laura today as she connects with her German roots and gives us a delicious cookie recipe. Happy Birthday to her daughter, Julia!
December 7 – Let me share my Swedish Christmas traditions and my Grandmother’s cookie recipe with you!
December 8Nymeth shares a video, her favorite songs, stories, and a recipe for a rice dessert. And she is giving away a book!
December 9Raidergirl has a fun Christmas Carol trivia test AND a great cookie recipe on her blog this morning. To enjoy Christmas in New Orleans and get a recipe for Bread Pudding, check out Chris’ post!
December 10 –  Dewey treats us to an animated version of Dickens’ Christmas Carol.
December 11 – Be entertained with Suey’s Shepherd Gone Bad video and her narration of Christmas Eve at their home (and another yummy looking cookie recipe!)
December 12Chris shows us how to merge Christmas traditions in a marriage, and shares some great recipes as well as a link to two Christmas stories.
December 13 – Jill reminds of us of children’s Christmas literature, especially the wonderful ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’
December 14 – Robin shares her love of the Nutcracker ballet.
December 15 – Alyssa writes about Christmas lights and shares a few photos.
December 16Rachel was to post something – but, I didn’t find it; maybe she’ll post later!
December 17 – WendyCat (Musings of a Bookish Kitty) has posted a wonderful expose which takes us through the memories and traditions of her childhood. And don’t miss Stephanie’s ornament tradition post (and another cookie recipe – yum!)
December 18An aunt shares Christmas with her niece, recipes for Norwegian Christmas cookies and a few songs for the holidays.
December 19 – Callista at S.M.S. Book Reviews may have forgotten about Advent blogging!
December 20
– Tiny Librarian shares her collection of ornaments and a really cool video of a house which syncs its Christmas lights to Christmas music.
December 21 – Carla shares the history of Yuletide and Mother’s Night.
December 22 – Carolyn Jean presents a creative post of gift exchanges between her favorite characters.
December 23 – Booklogged shares her Christmas Eve traditions.
December 24 – Test your knowledge of Christmas movie classics with Carl, and Christmas Trivia with Kailana.

December 25 – MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my blogging friends! May your holiday be filled with joy, peace and love!

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

When nine year old Trish McFarland, a rabid Red Sox fan, goes on a hike with her mother and brother, the farthest thing from her mind is getting lost. But when she steps off the path, a nightmare begins.

Stephen King has crafted a story of terror that recalls our most basic fear: the dark and the boogey monster. As Trisha wanders further and further into the woods, forced to use her cleverness to find food and shelter, she begins to sense she is being followed. The being that follows her is not beast or human, but something far more sinister and it circles near especially as night falls. Trisha looks to her Walkman – where the fading signal out of Boston broadcasts the Red Sox games – and to her favorite player, closer Tom Gordon to prepare herself for the inevitable showdown between herself and ‘the God of the Lost’ – her name for the monster.

King tells the story from young Trisha’s POV, and keeps it interesting from beginning to end with palm sweating descriptions and suspense. A quick read, this is one an average reader can knock off in a day.


Free Books – Gotta Love It!

Christmas came early this year! I’ve snagged two free early releases in the last week.

The first I requested from Ecco – Harper Collins and was very pleased when the Fed Ex man  arrived on my doorstep with a copy of The Outlander, by Gil Adamson. This is Adamson’s debut novel set in 1903 about a nineteen year old woman fleeing from the law. The book is set for release in April 2008. I plan to read it well before that!

The second book I snagged came through Library Thing’s Early Reviewer program which debuted earlier this year. This will be my third book from them:  The Winter Rose, by Jennifer Donnelly. Published by Hyperion Books, it is set for release in early January. To read their blurb on the book, go here.

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