The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

When nine year old Trish McFarland, a rabid Red Sox fan, goes on a hike with her mother and brother, the farthest thing from her mind is getting lost. But when she steps off the path, a nightmare begins.

Stephen King has crafted a story of terror that recalls our most basic fear: the dark and the boogey monster. As Trisha wanders further and further into the woods, forced to use her cleverness to find food and shelter, she begins to sense she is being followed. The being that follows her is not beast or human, but something far more sinister and it circles near especially as night falls. Trisha looks to her Walkman – where the fading signal out of Boston broadcasts the Red Sox games – and to her favorite player, closer Tom Gordon to prepare herself for the inevitable showdown between herself and ‘the God of the Lost’ – her name for the monster.

King tells the story from young Trisha’s POV, and keeps it interesting from beginning to end with palm sweating descriptions and suspense. A quick read, this is one an average reader can knock off in a day.


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