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The Outlander – Book Review

The girl stood in her ditch under a a hard, small moon. Pale foam rose from where her shoes sank into mud. No more voices inside her head, no noise but these dogs. She saw her own course along the ground as a trail of bright light, now doused in the ditchwater. She clambered up the bank and onto a road, her stiff funeral skirt made of bedspread and curtain, her hair wild and falling in dark ropes about her face. The widow gathered up her shawl and fled witchlike down the empty road. -From The Outlander, page 4-

Gil Adamson’s debut novel – The Outlander – will create instant fans and, I predict, hit the bestseller lists when it is released in April 2008. The novel opens with a nineteen year old woman fleeing from search dogs after she has murdered her husband. Set in 1903 among the mountain ranges of Western Canada, the novel is breathtaking in its scope and mesmerizing in its detail. Full of suspense, it had me turning the pages long into the night…and I was sorry to see the novel end; although I believe Adamson has deftly written the ending to allow for a sequel.

Adamson’s writing is a mix of Diana Gibaldan and Cormac McCarthy. She expertly creates setting which places the reader into the story and supplies a cast of characters who come alive on the pages. Mary Boulton, the self-made widow, quickly becomes a character the reader relates to – an unlikely character to evoke sympathy at first, but one who the reader grows to love. Along with Mary are such memorable personalities as: the red-haired twins (Mary’s persistent brother-in-laws), the Reverend Bonnycastle (a pastor who believes in boxing as a way to preach the word), Charlie McEchern (the dwarf with a head for business), the Cregan brothers (charming felons, cattle rustlers and horse thieves), Giovanni (the Italian giant with the gift of brewing whiskey), and finally The Ridgerunner … a man who needs no one, until he meets Mary.

This novel has it all – gorgeous scenery, a tantalizing plot, great characters and a sprinkling of romance. I will be watching for more Adamson novels…and, yes, hoping for that sequel!

Highly recommended.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 27, 2007    

    April, 2008! Oh wow. It sounds so good that I think I’ll put this on my Pub Challenge list. I can change it later if I can’t get it for some reason.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 27, 2007    

    Oh yeah, Joy – you gotta read this one! It was GREAT! Only now I want to read her next book…and who knows when that will come out!?!?!?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 27, 2007    

    This does sound good, Wendy. Thanks for the heads-up! It would work not only for the Pub Challenge, but also the Canadian Book Challenge. I’ll be putting it on my list!
    Sharon (Ex Libris)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 27, 2007    

    Excellent review Chris! I had this on my TBR from another review I read. Your review just sealed the deal, I have to read it!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 28, 2007    

    Sharon and Teddy: I think you won’t be disappointed in this book. I really loved it. I do have to add, however, that one reviewer on Library Thing gave it a 1/5 *laughs* I guess it wasn’t his cup o’ tea!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 28, 2007    

    Wow, this sounds absolutley fabulous and right up my alley! Now, I just have to wait until April.

  7. Gayla Collins(weeklyreaders) Gayla Collins(weeklyreaders)
    October 8, 2008    

    Superb review, Wendy. I must wishlist this book.

  8. October 9, 2008    

    Thank you, Gayla 🙂 You’d love this book.

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