The Giver – Book Review

“Well…” Jonas had to stop and think it through. “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! …” -From The Giver, page 97-

Jonas lives in a Utopian society where everything is managed and everything is safe – a world without color, or music, or even love. The year Jonas turns twelve, he is selected to become the Receiver of Memory…and as his training progresses, life for Jonas forever changes.

The Giver is a book about keeping the world we live in safe and sanitary vs. the value of freedom…and ultimately about the power of hope and faith. Lowry’s writing is rich and provocative and stimulates the reader to think about what is truly important in our lives. This is children’s literature at its best. Through the power of simple language, a tightly woven plot, and characters who come to reside within the reader’s heart, Lowry makes us take notice of our world and to appreciate the simple things we often take for granted.

Lowry won a number of awards and accolades for this slim volume – not the least of which was the Newbery Medal in 1994. The Giver is worthy of this prestigious award.

Highly recommended for children aged nine to 100 years old.

7 thoughts on “The Giver – Book Review

  1. Wendy, What a great book to start the year! I say it’s a sign of a great year of reading for you.

  2. Raidergirl: Yup – I’m excited about the books that are waiting for me!
    Michelle: You predicted I’d like this one, didn’t you?!?!?

  3. I have heard such good things about this book and have wanted to read it for a while. I was at a booksale a few months ago and as hubby was checking out I ran to the YA section to find this book. As soon as I spotted it someone picked it up and took it. 🙂 Glad you liked it so well!

  4. nicely done review! i read this one several years ago and absolutely loved it. i just finished listening to it on CD, and it was every bit as good as i remembered. i need to get a review posted.

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