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Life and Times of Michael K – Book Review

The first thing the midwife noticed about Michael K when she helped him out of his mother into the world was that he had a hare lip. -From Life and Times of Michael K, page 1-

Michael K’s hare lip is the first thing everyone notices about him – a disfigurement that sets him apart and causes his mother to institutionalize him at a young age. This physical defect seems to set the tone for Micahel’s life of isolation and a turning inward of himself. As an adult, Michael finds work as a gardener in the city of Cape Town; later as his mother’s health deteriorates he decides to return to the country and the home of her birth. But a civil war makes this journey a challenge in more ways than one. Michael and his mother do not have papers to leave the city, they don’t have reliable transportation, and they must avoid armed guards and roadblocks. When Michael’s mother dies along the way, Michael is left with her ashes and the determination to reach his destiny.

This is a disturbing and revealing novel about the strength of the human spirit to not only endure, but to overcome physical obstacles in the discovery of self. Michael’s connection to the earth, his desire to grow his own food, becomes his sole purpose of living.

His deepest pleasure came at sunset when he turned open the cock at the dam wall and watched the stream of water run down its channels to soak the earth, turning it from fawn to deep brown. It is because I am a gardener, he tough, because that is my nature. -From Life and Times of Michael K, page 59-

Coetzee’s writing is vivid in its descriptions. The sense of place is strong, which makes this novel a somber look at South Africa. The human suffering, the pointlessness of the re-education camps, the cruelty of the military – all resound heavily on the pages of this book.  Michael stands out, not only because he is physically marred, but because he possesses a peace within that those around him lack. A doctor who treats Michael in hospital seems to be the only character who identifies what makes Michael special.

I am the only one who sees you for the original soul you are. I am the only one who cares for you. I alone see you as neither a soft case for a soft camp nor a hard case for a hard camp but a human soul above and beneath classification, a soul blessedly untouched by doctrine, untouched by history, a soul stirring its wings within that stiff sarcophagus, murmuring behind that clownish mask. -From Life and Times of Michael K, page 151-

As with all of Coetzee’s novels, Life and Times of Michael K is not light reading. In many ways it is depressing; but ultimately it captures the beauty of the human soul.


Awards and a Little Catching Up….

Updated at 1:15PM

Trish has honored me with the Mwah! Award – I’m terribly flattered!! Thank you, Trish – and answering your question was my pleasure.


Today is a new day, and I just know I am going to get on the upside of this bug that has knocked me flat on my back. I feel quite remiss in acknowledging some very nice awards over the past week.

Teddy at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time handed me the Make My Day Award. Thank you, Teddy!!
And Bonnie at Bonnie’s Books awarded me the Excellent Blog Award – I’m afraid I am terrible at speeches *fumbles with notes*, but Thank You Bonnie!! I know I am supposed to award this to ten excellent blogs. I hope you’ll forgive my copping out a bit and saying that I read nothing BUT excellent blogs! To find them, simply go to my right side bar on this blog and scroll down.

In other news, I am strongly considering dropping some of my challenges – the problem is figuring out which ones to drop. I’ve quite over extended myself and yesterday looked at my lists and thought ‘How ridiculous, Wendy, you can never read all these books in this time frame!’ I’ll let you know my decision in a few days…

Most of our snow has melted, and the days are getting longer. That can only mean Spring is on its way – I can’t wait until the tulips start poking their pretty heads through the soil! How about you? Ready for some Spring weather?

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