February 2008
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Awards and a Little Catching Up….

Updated at 1:15PM

Trish has honored me with the Mwah! Award – I’m terribly flattered!! Thank you, Trish – and answering your question was my pleasure.


Today is a new day, and I just know I am going to get on the upside of this bug that has knocked me flat on my back. I feel quite remiss in acknowledging some very nice awards over the past week.

Teddy at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time handed me the Make My Day Award. Thank you, Teddy!!
And Bonnie at Bonnie’s Books awarded me the Excellent Blog Award – I’m afraid I am terrible at speeches *fumbles with notes*, but Thank You Bonnie!! I know I am supposed to award this to ten excellent blogs. I hope you’ll forgive my copping out a bit and saying that I read nothing BUT excellent blogs! To find them, simply go to my right side bar on this blog and scroll down.

In other news, I am strongly considering dropping some of my challenges – the problem is figuring out which ones to drop. I’ve quite over extended myself and yesterday looked at my lists and thought ‘How ridiculous, Wendy, you can never read all these books in this time frame!’ I’ll let you know my decision in a few days…

Most of our snow has melted, and the days are getting longer. That can only mean Spring is on its way – I can’t wait until the tulips start poking their pretty heads through the soil! How about you? Ready for some Spring weather?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    February 20, 2008    

    Wendy, (I’m reading in reverse order…so forgive my comments for being “out of order”), I had a lot of stress last year from challenges. I finished them all (one or two a few days late), but reading became a chore, which is the last thing I want to happen because I love reading so much. At the beginning of the year I was very reluctant to sign up for ANY challenges, but I did and I’m not going to get stressed out by not finishing them or signing up for too many. LOTS of people sign up for challenges and then don’t read a single book they’ve listed. I got really annoyed when people would tell me, Trish, you don’t have to finish all of the challenges or challenges are supposed to be fun (I am very Type A personality). BUT ITS TRUE! Most importantly, Wendy, have fun!!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous
    February 22, 2008    

    Trish, I’m also type “A” which is why I was thinking of dropping out of some challenges which I know I won’t finish…but then I re-thought things and decided “who cares, really?” The truth is that I am reading some great books because of these challenges, so I might as well just keep going!

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