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A Weekend of Cooking – Gardeners’ Community Cookbook

As part of the Soup’s On Challenge, I immersed myself in Smith & Hawken: Gardeners’ Community Cookbook this weekend and made several recipes over a two day period. This cookbook came about through a community effort of more than 350 gardeners from around the United States, including some well known professional chefs like Barbara Kafka …

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Sunday Salon – April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008 10:45AM It feels as though nature has skipped Spring and headed directly into Summer this weekend. Temperatures have soared into the 80s and the sky is devoid of clouds for as far as the eye can see. Yesterday I lounged on my front porch reading and wishing I had a daybed out …

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The Cellist of Sarajevo – Book Review

“Why do you suppose he’s there? Is he playing for the people who died? Or is he playing for the people who haven’t? What does he hope to accomplish?” -From The Cellist of Sarajevo- The Siege of Sarajevo began April 5, 1992 and lasted almost four years. Approximately 10,000 people were killed, and 56,000 wounded …

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The Sister – Book Review

There’s rarely a sole cause for the separation of lives. It’s a sequence of events, an inexorable chain reaction where each small link is fundamental, like a snake of upended dominoes. -From The Sister, page 5- Poppy Adam’s debut novel, The Sister, begins with an elderly woman waiting for her sister to arrive home after …

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Science in Fiction Project

The Science in Fiction Project Are you a science geek? Do you like reading about science in fiction? By science in fiction, don’t I mean “science fiction”? Not necessarily. Science fiction is usually speculative, whereas by science in fiction, I mean science that is written about in a realistic setting and manner. Michelle of 1 …

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Sunday Salon – April 6, 2008

April 6, 2008  3:15 PM UPDATE I’ve had some wonderful comments on my Salon post today – including some suggestions for poetry. When I went wandering around Google to find information on one of them (Dorothy Parker), I discovered a fabulous poetry site called Representative Poetry Online.  There is tons of helpful information including a …

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The Tenderness of Wolves – Book Review

Sometimes you find yourself looking at the forest in a different way. Sometimes it’s no more than the trees that provide houses and warmth, and hide the earth’s nakedness, and you’re glad of it. And then sometimes, like tonight, it is a vast dark presence that you can never see the end of; it might, …

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Book Giveaway

Michelle of Novels Now is offering up the choice of FOUR 2008 books this week. Simply visit the Novels Now blog, click on the post about the giveaway (in the right hand column) and then leave a comment! Please follow and like the blue thistle

Olive Kitteridge – Book Review

But the gesture, the smooth cupping of the little girl’s head, the way Suzanne’s hand in one quick motion caressed the fine hair and thin neck, has stayed with Olive. It was like watching some woman dive from a boat and swim easily up to the dock. A reminder how some people could do things …

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Looking For Book Reviews?

The blogsphere is exploding with book lover’s blogs, filled to the brim with reviews. What better way to pick your next read than to see how your fellow bloggers liked it? Natasha at Mawbooks Blog has created an amazing new blog called Book Blogger’s Book Reviews. Readers can find book reviews by author or title …

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