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Book Give Away

UPDATE on this GIVEAWAY: Katherine Center has been incredibly kind and not only did she send me an autographed book for the giveaway, but she also sent a personalized autographed edition for me to keep! Because of her generosity, I will also be giving away my review copy of her book … SO, one person …

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The Zookeeper’s Wife – Book Review

One of the most remarkable things about Antonina was her determination to include play, animals, wonder, curiosity, marvel, and a wide blaze of innocence in a household where all dodged the ambient dangers, horrors, and uncertainties. That takes a special stripe of bravery rarely valued in wartime. -From The Zookeeper’s Wife, page 166- Diane Ackerman …

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Independent People – Book Review

Ten million men and a half, I see, Were slaughtered in fun in that maniacs’ spree. By now they’re probably all in hell, But I mourn them not. God-speed. Farewell. There was, however, another war, Waged near a rock in the blind days of yore, And that was fought over one sweet flower That was …

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Landscape With Flatiron, by Haruki Murakami – Short Story Review

“Anyhow, let’s wait till the fire burns out,” Miyake said. “We built it, so we ought to keep it company to the end. Once it goes out, and it turns pitch-dark, then we can die.” -From Landscape with Flatiron- This short story, part of a group of stories entitled After The Quake, occurs over the …

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