Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7 – Photos Week

This week is all about photos. Dewey writes:

Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos… Create a post of your photos.

**Please click on all photos to enlarge

I decided to create a post which will tell my readers a little bit about myself. Everyone knows I love books and challenges…so my first photo gives you a glimpse into the chaos of my TBR stacks:

But, I don’t just read books. I’m also a volunteer at a nonprofit therapeutic horseback riding program in Shasta County, California. Every Monday and Wednesday morning I spend my time under the California sun with horses

and wonderful people – and the best part is all the smiles:

A photo collage of who I am would not be complete without my husband:

and my fur children:

I’m also a crafter:

And finally, I’ll leave you with my favorite place to read:

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Weekly Geeks #6 – Catching Up

Better late than never, right? Last week we were encouraged to catch up on reviews. But, Dewey also said:

If you don’t review books in your blog, or if you’re all caught up on reviews, just choose something else you need to catch up on, anything at all, and you can still join in.

I do my reviews as soon as I read my books, so I didn’t need to catch up on those. BUT, I was quite behind in updating a couple of my blogs.

Some of you may know that I have a blog called: The Lists – Books for the Obsessive Reader. It is a place where I add lists of award winners, and other lists that strike my fancy. I also post reviews from those lists (of the books I have read). I was about a month behind. So now it is all caught up and current.

I also host The Orange Prize Project and needed to update the lists for 2008 winners. I also spent some time cleaning up tags and categories over there. Anyone can join the challenge at any time…why not check it out?