Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

Amping up for the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon

This weekend is the much awaited 24 hour read-a-thon sponsored by Dewey. Who would have thought I’d be in the middle of forest fires, sitting around waiting to see if we’d be evacuated? But, I’m still going to try to participate as much as I can.

Did I mention this is a charity event? I’ve posted a Mr. Linky on my blog if anyone is interested in sponsoring me…the charity is Reading is Fundamental, and anything people want to commit to them would be very welcome. You can also check out my update on the challenge here.

It’s not too late to join in the fun…hope to see you there!

Weekly Geeks #9 – Challenge Me!

I skipped last week’s Weekly Geeks – I have every intention of doing the scavenger hunt, then I simply got overwhelmed with it and gave up. But this week’s theme is right up my alley. Dewey writes:

If you participate in any challenges, get organized! Update your lists, post about any you haven’t mentioned, add links of reviews to your lists if you do that, go to the challenge blog if there is one and post there, etc.

Anyone who knows even a little bit about me knows I love a good challenge. I keep A Novel Challenge blog listing all the reading challenges around the blog-o-sphere, and now I also include bookish events. I also run A Novel Challenge Yahoo Group.

I am pretty well organized with my challenges. All the current ones can be found on my blog on the page Reading Challenges (with links to my post about each challenge and my progress). Completed challenges can be found under the category Completed Book Challenges (see how simple this is?). So far this year I’ve completed nine challenges:

  1. Winter Reading 2008 (completed 2/29/2008)
  2. Unread Authors (completed 2/22/2008)
  3. The Pub 2008 (completed 3/14/2008)
  4. Book Awards 2007 (completed 5/24/2008)
  5. Remembering Nattie (completed 5/31/2008)
  6. Book Binge 2008 (completed 5/31/2008)
  7. Themed Reading 2008 (completed 5/31/2008)
  8. 48 Hour Reading Challenge (completed 6/8/2008)
  9. Man Booker Challenge (completed 6/17/2008)

I am participating in eight perpetual challenges (those with no time limit), and 25 time limited challenges. I think I will also be signing up for The July Book Blowout.

I also participate in bookish events that I consider challenges of sorts:

  1. Weekly Geeks
  2. Sunday Salon
  3. Saturday Review of Books

So far I’m on track for most of my challenges this year. I may fall short on one or two, but overall I’m managing to stay organized.

To see what other Geeks are doing with their challenges, check out:

Or visit Dewey’s post for this week and follow the Mr. Linky Links.