24 Hour Read-A-Thon: An Update and Need for Sleep

It is after midnight here on the West Coast and I’m in need of some sleep time. So this will be my final update until probably 4:30AM.

  • Book I’m reading: Down River, by John Hart
  • Number of books read since I started: 2 plus 1 short story
    1. The House at Midnight, by Lucie Whitehouse (read my review)
    2. Short Story: Mr. Bones, by Paul Theroux
    3. Springtime on Mars, by Susan Woodring (stay tuned for my review which I am too tired to write at this moment)
  • Pages Read since my last post:23
  • Total pages read in the challenge: 373
  • Amount of time spent reading since my last post: 30 minutes
  • Total amount of time spent reading in the challenge: 455 minutes (7.6  hours)
  • Mini-Challenges completed: 9
    1. Intro (Darcie)
    2. Comics (Nymeth)
    3. Quotes (Vasilly)
    4. Comments on Reader of the Hour blogs (Andrea and Samantha)
    5. Comments on Readers of the Hour blogs (Jennie and Somer)
    6. Get some Exercise (Dewey)
    7. Mid-Event Survey (Dewey)
    8. Poetry (Vasilly)
    9. Setting of current book (Dewey)
  • Total amount of time spent blogging: 245 minutes (4.1 hours)
  • Blogs visited since I last posted: Icedream (Reading in Appalachia), Michelle (1 More Chapter), Dewey (The Hidden Side of a Leaf), AND Brittanie (A Book Lover)
  • Time spent visiting other people’s blogs: 105 minutes (1.75 hours) and left 22 comments
  • Down Time: 1.75 Hours
  • Prizes I’ve won: None yet!

For those of you still awake and reading – WAY TO GO! See you in a few hours.

8 thoughts on “24 Hour Read-A-Thon: An Update and Need for Sleep

  1. You’ve certainly earned yourself some rest, Wendy! We’ll be waiting for you to cheer you on when you come back.

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