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Friday Finds – July 11, 2008

It’s Friday – and you know what that means? Another edition of Friday Finds, brought to you by Jenn (note that this is now at Jenn’s NEW blog).

I’ve discovered several new to me books through the lit-bloggers. They include:

  1. The Speed Queen, by Stuart O’Nan featured at Hieroglyphic Streets. I recently read O’Nan’s latest novel Songs for the Missing (read my review) which I LOVED. So I’ve been on the look-out for other highly recommended O’Nan books. The Speed Queen is about an Oklahoma girl gone bad who shares her story on the eve of her execution. There are a variety of links at Hieroglyphic Streets for readers to learn more about the book.
  2. A Summer Affair AND Barefoot, by Elin Hiilderbrand featured at Books On the Brain (along with a give-away – which of course I entered!). What is it about summer that makes books like these look so good? I must confess that I have never read a Hilderbrand novel, but the covers of her books draw me to them. And for that alone, I will need to read at least one of these.
  3. Madapple, by Christina Medrum featured on MawBooks. Here’s another one that begs to be read for the cover alone. I love discovering interesting authors whose books I’ve never read. This is Medrum’s first novel which is about a 15 year old living in isolation with her overbearing mother. Okay – it might be a bit strange, but it also is oddly appealing. Onto my wish list it goes!
  4. The Condition, by Jennifer Haigh featured on Booking Mama. This novel is about a woman with Turner’s Disease and how her condition impacts her life and those around her. Like Booking Mama, I also enjoyed Haigh’s book Mrs. Kimble and so I’d like to read another novel by this author. This one sounds like something I’d like.
  5. The Memory of Water, by Karen White featured on The Friendly Book Nook. Here’s another book with a great cover (What is it about cover art that pulls me in? Do any of you also pick books purely for their covers?) The novel is set in South Carolina and centers around two sisters and a family secret. Enough said – this one is almost guaranteed to appeal to me.
  6. Garden Spells AND Sugar Queen, by Sarah Addison Allen featured on Just Another Blogger (Kristy). Two more books which sound like great summer reads – easy, light, well-written (and once again…gorgeous covers). I’ve been seeing these two books on a lot of the lit-bloggers lately, and most of the time they are getting good reviews.

So there you go – my recent finds tempting me to grow my overly large TBR stack. They’ll go on my bulging Amazon wish list for now! To see more Friday Finds, visit Jenn’s post today and scroll through the comments with links to other participants’ lists.