Mailbox Monday – July 28, 2008

Marcia at The Printed Page is hosting this fun weekly event – each Monday bloggers share the books which have arrived in their mailbox that week. I have had a very lucrative week regarding books, so I thought it would be fun to play along with Marcia.

Advance Reader’s Editions which arrived this week in my mailbox:

  1. Guernica, by Dave Boling – To be published by Bloomsbury with a projected release date of September 2, 2008.  This is Boling’s first novel which revolves around the bombing of Guernica during WWII. The blurb on the back reads: ‘History and fiction merge seamlessly in this beautiful novel about the resilience of family, love, and tradition in the face of hardship.
  2. So Long at the Fair, by Christina Schwarz – Released July 8, 2008 by Doubleday this novel explores ‘the emotional labyrinth of a marriage on the brink of collapse and proves that no matter how hard we work to stifle them, the secrets of the past refuse to be ignored.
  3. Leftovers, by Laura Wiess – Released by Pocket Books in January of this year. I won this book in a give-away hosted by Wendy at Musings of A Bookish Kitty.  The blurb on the back of the book says: ‘Blair and Ardith have committed an unforgivable act in the name of love and justice. But in order to understand what could drive two young women to such extreme measures, first you’ll have to understand why.‘ This is classified as Young Adult Fiction.
  4. Dervishes, by Beth Helms – Released in March 2008 by Picador, this was another freebie from my friend Wendy at Musings of A Bookish Kitty.  Helms debut novel is ‘the story of a mother and daughter cut loose from their foundations, hungry fo rindependence but dangerously naive.
  5. The Map Thief, by Heather Terrell – Due for Release July 29th by Ballantine Books. This is a hard cover edition which I received through an unsolicited email from Authors On The Web. The book flap says: ‘Weaving rich historical detail and astounding fact into a fast-paced suspense-fiction ride, The Map Thief is an incredible entree to the murky underworld of stolen artifacts and the thieves and traders who broker them.

I also received a hard-cover review copy of Home Girl, by Judith Matloff from Random House publishers (published June 24, 2008). It appeals to me on a personal level as it is a memoir about a disastrous home makeover. Those of you who know me, know I recently did an extreme home makeover of my home…and although it was not disastrous, it was quite an experience.

So what has come into your home this week? Interested in other readers’ acquisitions? Visit Marcia at this week’s post of Mailbox Monday.

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  1. I did get The Labryinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz but no advanced copies. How do I get those?

    Your books sound very interesting.

    • Lenore on July 28, 2008 at 11:43

    I got Guernica and So Long at the Fair too. (I am so in love with Shelf Awareness!) Plus a few others I won in contests.

  2. Sounds like you had a really good haul of books. Have fun reading 🙂

    • Wendy on July 29, 2008 at 09:50

    CBJames: You can get early review editions through a number of resources. Library Thing has an early review program; Harper Collins also has a First Look Program (as does Barnes and Noble); and an excellent resource is the email publication Shelf Awareness (clickable “ads” to request AREs).

    Lenore: I love Shelf Awareness too – and it is almost a guarantee to get a book when you request there!

    Samantha: Thanks!

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