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Friday Finds – August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008

My book finds come from multiple sources. Last Saturday I attended a wedding and found myself seated next to a woman who loved books as much as I do. We spent a good part of the reception comparing books and she recommended one in particular that looks fascinating:

Skeletons of the Zahara, by Dean King is a true story which Publisher’s Weekly describes as follows…’When the American cargo ship Commerce ran aground on the northwestern shores of Africa in 1815 along with its crew of 12 Connecticut-based sailors, the misfortunes that befell them came fast and hard, from enslavement to reality-bending bouts of dehydration. King’s aggressively researched account of the crew’s once-famous ordeal reads like historical fiction, with unbelievable stories of the seamen’s endurance of heat stroke, starvation and cruelty by their Saharan slavers.‘ I like true adventure stories which read like novels, so I’ve added this one to my wish list on Amazon.

I also continue to prowl the lit-blogs and found several interesting books over the last week:

The Point of Rescue, by Sophie Hannah as featured on Cornflower who writes that Sophie Hannah’s thrillers ‘describe ordinary people in desperate situations, reacting in ways they would never normally contemplate, and as such, plot is key to her books.‘ This psychological crime novel looks exceptional, so on to my wish list it goes!

Sacrifice, by S.J. Bolton as featured on A Work in Progress. This is another thriller and is set on the Shetland Islands. Like Danielle, I am drawn to books which drop their characters on islands or near the sea. Danielle writes: ‘I thought this was a wonderfully entertaining and atmospheric thriller.  The setting was perfectly evoked.‘ Sounds like something I’ll definitely like.

The Road Home, by Rose Tremain as featured on Aspiring Writer. Tremain just won the Orange Prize for this book, so it was already on my radar. And then Joanne writes: ‘This is a beautiful, moving story. A satisfying read.‘ So how could I not add this to my ever growing list of books I want to read? (Pssst, I’m currently reading another of Tremain’s novels. The Colour is WONDERFUL…my review should be up by Monday!)

Mosquito, by Roma Tearne as featured on Laura’s blog Musings. This novel is set in Sri Lanka during the Sri Lankan Civil War. Laura gave this one a very high 4.5 stars and wrote: ‘Each character’s story unfolds independently, at times heartbreaking and, at others, inspiring. I felt great sadness for the people of Sri Lanka and other countries affected by long-term civil war. But I also felt inspired by the hope and redemption in this beautifully-written debut novel.‘ Sounds like my kind of book.  But also, I have learned that whenever Laura gushes over a novel, I will love it too!

Reservation Road, by John Burnham Schwartz as featured on Lori’s blog She Tread’s Softly. The book is classified as crime fiction but it is also literary fiction. It explores how two ordinary families deal with a tragedy. Lori included some wonderful quotes in her review which motivated me to add this one to my ever growing wish list.

The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb as featured on Bookroom Reviewers Web Log AND The Savvy Reader. Lamb is a notoriously slow writer and this will be his third novel after a long draught. The Savvy Reader writes: ‘There are stories piled upon stories in this book, building blocks of sentences that create the world of the Quirks; it’s heartbreaking, addictive and utterly moving. And now I don’t want to say anything else because I don’t want to spoil a single page.’ Okay – its on my radar AND my wishlist!

So what did you add to your reading wish list this week? To read others “finds” visit today’s Friday Finds post at Should Be Reading.