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BBAW – Appreciating Amy

This summer, after book blogging was patronized and criticized in the mainstream media, Amy from My Friend Amy made a suggestion that we celebrate book blogging. From that idea, Book Blogger Appreciation Week was born. Many of us have participated in interviews, contests, give-aways, and through awards; but, this would never have happened were it not for the dream, perseverance, planning, hard work and dedication of Amy. This has been a wonderful week and as members of the Book Blogging community, in one voice we want to thank Amy for all that she has done.

Amy, you are truly the Queen of Book Bloggers and we love you!

Friday Finds – September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008

This has been a hectic week with BBAW going on…and then, of course, the rest of my life! Even still, I managed to find some great books I want to read.

I belong to a Yahoo group called Readers Reviews and Linda from Maine reviewed a book that caught my eye.

The Fur Person, by May Sarton is a book for cat lovers. Linda writes: ‘This is a charming little book that says as much about the people as the cat, and even more about the comfort of home and family. Every lover of cats or of the English language will enjoy it.‘ I’m sold, Linda…and onto my wishlist it goes!

The rest of my finds come from the blogs…and also from a book tour!

Peace Like a River, by Leif Enger as featured on She Treads Softly AND as recommended by Kathleen McCleary on her guest post for my blog. Lori gave this book a very high 4.5 star rating and writes: ‘[this book] is a story of family, faith, doubt, history, fantasy, love, evil, innocence, goodness, and hope.‘ And although Kathleen had not yet read the book, she thought it looked great. I do too – and when I went to add it to my wish list, I found it already there! Thanks to Lori and Kathy, I was reminded to get this one someday.

The Road of Lost Innocence, by Somaly Mam as featured on Becky’s Book Reviews is the true story of a courageous woman. It was newly released this month through Spiegel & Grau. Becky writes: ‘The book is compelling, gripping, raw and intense, straightforward, and above all else heartbreaking. Her story is powerful in that she survived despite it all; amazing in that she had the courage and strength to go back, to face her demons; inspiring in that she had the determination and heart to do something–to make a change, to become a hero, to take a stand.‘ Wow. I need to read this book.

Ella Minnow Pea, by as featured on Terri’s blog Reading, Writing and Retirement is an epistolary book. Terri writes: ‘[The book] is a quirky, clever dystopian novel about the fictional island nation of Nollop, where the national hero, the island’s namesake, is worshipped to godlike status. He was the author of “The quick red fox jumps over the lazy dog,” an alphabetical feat they think cannot be duplicated.‘ It sounds wonderful!

Night of Flames, by Douglas W. Jacobson as featured on Shana’s blog Literarily is about the Belgian resistance movement during WWII which was known as the White Brigade. Shana writes: ‘Jacobson brings history alive with vivid details that convey the increasing desolation of war.‘ I love historical fiction and this one sounds like a winner.

That’s it for this week. What did you find that looks good? Don’t forget to visit Jenn to read her Friday Finds and get links to other readers’ finds.