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A Novel Challenge Yahoo Group – 2008 Mini Challenges

The Mini Challenge 2008
Sponsored by group owner, Wendy (aka: ME!)

1. Complete all 12 mini-challenges from January 1st through December 31st of 2008. DO NOT start this challenge prior to January 1, 2008.
2. Challenges may be completed in any order and may overlap other challenge. Work through them at your own speed.
3. Participants must post their progress (and reviews if appropriate) to their blog with links to the group (or if they don’t have a blog, they should post directly to the group).

Here are the challenges:

1. Read a short story – review it.

COMPLETED January 21, 2008 – Black Ice, by Cate Kennedy; rated 3.5/5; read my review.

2. Read a children’s book – review it.

COMPLETED January 1, 2008 – The Giver, by Lois Lowry; rated 4.5/5; read my review.

3. Read a poem – tell us about it.
4. Read a banned book – review it.

COMPLETED February 25, 2008 – Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison; rated 4.5/5; read my review

5. Give a book away (donate to charity, give a book to a friend, leave a book “in the wild” to be found by another reader…as long as you don not sell it!) – post why you chose the book you did and where it went.

COMPLETED February 18, 2008; read my comments here.

6. Read two (2) articles from any one magazine – tell us about them.

COMPLETED January 12, 2008 – read my comments here.

7. Read a classic (for this challenge a classic is defined as a piece of literature which has stood the test of time, has literary merit, is widely read, and was published prior to 1970) – review it.

COMPLETED January 25, 2008 – Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens; rated 3/5; read my review.

8. Go to a book event and then tell the group about your experience (book events may be library events, author readings, seminars/lectures pertaining to books or reading, etc…)
9. Read an essay – tell us about it.
10. Read something inspirational – tell the group why it inspired you.
11. Read a book written by a “new to you” author – review it.

COMPLETED January 9, 2008 – The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton; rated 4.5/5; read my review.

12. Participate in a group or buddy read and discussion (this can be either a face to face book club, an on line group, or a blog/buddy read). Tell the group what you read and with whom; give us a review.

I read Life and Times of Michael K, by J.M. Coetzee with the Booker Prize Yahoo group; read my review.

Friday Finds – October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008 I missed this event last week because I was on my way to the San Jose Book Group Expo…so I’m catching up this week. I found some fabulous books at the Expo which I would never have picked up had it not been for meeting the authors and listening to them speak. …

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Book Expos and Blogging Retreats…

It looks like the book bloggers got a little notice at the San Jose Book Group Expo – yesterday Garth Stein wrote a guest post on Book Club Girl and acknowledged Trish (Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin’?) and Jill (Fizzy Thoughts). And today Josh Henkin wrote a guest post on Book Club Girl and mentioned Trish, …

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Gift From The Sea – Book Review

The problem is not merely one of Woman and Career, Woman and the Home, Woman and Independence. It is more basically: how to remain whole in the midst of the distractions of life; how to remain balanced, no mater what centrifugal forces tend to pull one off center; how to remain strong, no matter what …

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The San Jose Book Group Expo – Day Two

October 25-26, 2008 I had intended to post this yesterday, but after a ten hour day of work I was just too exhausted! Day Two of the Expo was filled with great authors and fun panels. As with Day One, participants enjoyed an opening Salon, and then got to choose one of three panels in …

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After Dark – Book Review

Two young policemen patrol the street with tense expressions, but no one seems to notice them. The district plays by its own rules at a time like this. The season is late autumn. No wind is blowing, but the air carries a chill. The date is just about to change. -From After Dark, page 4- …

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The San Jose Book Group Expo – Day One

October 25-26, 2008 My husband and I spent the weekend in San Jose at the third annual (Third Chapter) of the Book Group Expo and had a wonderful time. Not only were there some great booths in the marketplace, but the planners of this event brought in some big name authors and provided two days …

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An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination – Book Review

A child dies in this book: a baby. A baby is stillborn. You don’t have to tell me how sad that is: it happened to me and my husband, our baby, a son. -From An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination, page 6- Author Elizabeth McCracken lived briefly in France, with her husband, …

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Mailbox Monday – October 27, 2008

Another Monday and more books! Here is what arrived at my house this week: Alpine Americas: An Odyssey Along the Crest of Two Continents with essays by Don Mellor and photography by Olaf Soot. This stunning, hard cover edition arrived through my connection with Lisa Roe, Online Publicist. It is a gorgeous book with amazing …

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Look Who I Found…

…At the San Jose Book Group Expo Trish from Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin’?, Jill (aka: Softdrink) from Fizzy Thoughts, author Michelle Gagnon, and Me (Click on photo to enlarge) I had no idea Trish and Jill were here…we were all talking to author Michelle Gagnon about (what else) books, when Trish asked if I was …

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