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Daily archives for October 19th, 2008

Tomato Girl – Book Review

Tomato Girl – Book Review

Jars line my cellar shelves. Some are filled with fists of yellow-veined tomatoes. Others hold small onions and chopped leeks, white pearls floating in an opaque sea. Sometimes the light falls on a jar of boiled quail or the slick, dark meat of a rabbit. There are unexpected moments when I see the slit of […]

The Brass Verdict – Book Review

The Brass Verdict – Book Review

Everybody lies. Cops lie. Lawyers lie. Clients lie. Even jurors lie. There is a school of belief in criminal law that every trial is won or lost in the choosing of the jury. I’ve never been ready to go all the way to that level but I do know that there is probably no phase […]

Read-A-Thon (October): Wrap Up, Fundr...

Read-A-Thon (October): Wrap Up, Fundraising, and Book Giveaway

The Read-A-Thon wrapped up this morning at 5:00AM and I was sound asleep! I went to bed around 1:30AM (during hour 21) after participating for 18.5 hours (my down time was 1.75 hours and was mostly eating, showering and about a half hour of watching television). My informal goals were to read 500 pages (I […]

Read-A-Thon: Hour 20

Read-A-Thon: Hour 20

The Readers of the hour this hour are: Mari Andi I visited them both and left comments to cheer them on … I’m not sure how many people are still up and reading at this hour! And I’m throwing in the towel. I finished my second book this hour –Tomato Girl, by Jayne Pupek. I’ll […]

Read-A-Thon: Hour 19

Read-A-Thon: Hour 19

I am fading fast…there is a mini-challenge this hour, but I’m passing on it. I’ve reached my goal of reading 500 pages. I’d like to stay up for 20 hours, so I need to hang in there just a little longer. Update since my last post (or see it in a Google spreadsheet) Book I’m […]

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