Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

Forgive my Absence For A Few Days…

wendybousar0001…I am feeling sad. My dog, Caribou, is quite ill right now. She is almost 11 years old (February 15 is her birthday), and has been my constant companion since I brought her home in 1998 at 7 weeks old. Caribou is struggling with pain right now, and although the medications we started yesterday seem to be helping, she is not herself. Her diagnosis is uncertain because I have decided to not do any invasive tests right now – I am hoping for the best. Your good thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated over the next few days while I struggle to decide how best to help my girl.

Most people who visit this blog probably have no idea why I picked such a strange name for a book blog. Well, Caribou is a special dog and so I wanted to share her with all of you. She is a certified Search and Rescue dog in 3 disciplines (air scent, water cadaver and land cadaver) and has been my partner on searches all over the state until she retired a few years ago due to arthritis. She also introduced me to my husband, Kip – I guess she knew I needed him! She is intuitive, loyal and has given me much more than I could ever give her.

On another note, several of you have recognized my blog with awards in the last few days – so I want to collectively thank you for that honor. I truly appreciate all of the many awards, and all of your comments (which I promise to respond to when I can concentrate).