Friday Finds – January 23, 2009


January 23, 2009

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve participated in Jenn’s Friday Finds – but don’t be fooled. I have been spotting books all over the place that are tempting me, I just have not had time to share them with all of you! So today’s post means a little catching up. Clicking on the featured blog will take you to their review of the book; clicking on the book title will take you to for an overall look at the book, as well as purchase information.

Black Water, by Joyce Carol Oates as featured on Both Eye’s Book Blog who writes: ‘Its brevity is part of that brilliance, as it emphasizes how quickly events spun out of control.  A masterpiece of terror, Black Water will leave you gasping.‘ This book is a fictionalized account of the 1964 Chappaquiddick incident involving Senator Ted Kennedy. I’ve added it to my growing wish list.

That Summer in Sicily, by Marlena de Blasi as featured on Elizabeth’s blog As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves. I admit to being irristibly drawn to de Blasi’s books, although I have yet to read any of them! Elizabeth writes: ‘Marlena de Blasi is a beautiful writer, able to immerse the reader in the sights and sounds of the world she experiences. Her descriptions of the villa, the food and drink, the flowers and people surrounding her, make the reader feel as though they are traveling through Sicily with her.‘ So maybe that’s it – I want to travel to Italy. What better way then through a book?

The Meaning of Night, by Michael Cox as featured on Lisa’s blog Bluestalking. This novel is a modern rendition of a Victorian thriller and Lisa writes: ‘I hate when reviewers say a book is gripping. Could that be more over-used? Isn’t every good book gripping? But this one is, well … gripping. Unputdownable.‘ Okay, I’m sold.

The Tent, by Margaret Atwood as featured on Jill’s blog The Magic Lasso. I love everything by Margaret Atwood. And I keep discovering books by her I never knew about before. This is one of them. Jill writes: ‘The Tent is a nice companion book to Atwood’s fiction, revealing another side to the dynamic writing of Margaret Atwood. This is a must-read for Atwood fans.‘ Oh dear – a must read. I have added it to the wish list.

The Hiding Place, by Trezza Azzopardi also featured on Jill’s blog The Magic Lasso.  Jill wrote: ‘Despite the darkness of this book, I found The Hiding Place to be an enthralling read. It showed how the ones you love can hurt you the most.‘ She compared the book to Anne Enright’s The Gathering – which I found very well written. So this one goes on my wish list too.

Affinity, by Sarah Waters as featured on Danielle’s blog A Work In Progress. I am currently reading Water’s excellent Fingersmith and loved her novel The Night Watch (read my review), so Danielle did not have too much “selling” to do here. But when she wrote: ‘This is a juicy story–twisty-turny and surprising.  It’s the sort of book where you don’t know what to pick up next that will be half as satisfying.‘ I was sold completely. Perhaps this will be my next Waters’ novel.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Finds – January 23, 2009

  1. Betty

    I’ve got Affinity on my TBR because I’ve heard so much about Fingersmith, but I haven’t read that either.

    I’m also a big fan of Margaret Atwood, so since The Tent is a must-read, I must add it to my wish list too. LOL!

  2. Rebecca

    Oh my. These all look really good, especially The Summer in Sicily. I am a sucker for books about or set in Italy. My TBR list is growing too fast!

  3. Caribousmom Post author

    Betty: It is funny how these books add up, isn’t it?!? *laughs*

    Terri: ooooh, I do NOT have a copy of the book…and would LOVE it. No rush 🙂 Thanks, sweetie!

    Rebecca: I thought Summer in Sicily looked great too. I have this fantasy of touring around Italy sometime…I’ve never been there but I know I would love it!

    Kathy: Oh, yes you definitely need to read Atwood. I recommend either The Robber Bride or The Handmaid’s Tale as starters 🙂

    Avisannschild: You and I are on the same “page” aren’t we?!!? *laughing*

  4. Jenny

    I loved Night Watch and Fingersmith, but I couldn’t get into Affinity. I thought I was going to like it the best! It was about spiritualism! I’ll be interested to see what you think of it – maybe I’ll revisit it.

  5. Caribousmom Post author

    Alyce: Hope you find some you’ll like 🙂

    Jenny: I really liked Night Watch too. I’ve read mixed reviews on Affinity (but I also saw mixed reviews on Fingersmith).

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