Daily Archives: May 23, 2009


Raven does not know fear. She is extremely confident even though she is barely four months old. Her attitude is to charge right into situations, whatever they may be, and embrace life.  So, it really should not have been a surprise when Kip took the dogs to visit his brother (while I was on vacation) and Raven launched herself head first into the swimming pool within five minutes of arriving. She hit the water at full speed, sank like a rock, then rocketed to the surface with paws thrashing. Even after being rescued, she jumped right back in. I’m sure she was thinking, If Argus can do this, so can I! Eventually her efforts paid off, and she learned to swim (albeit somewhat awkwardly). I thought you would all enjoy these photos as much as I did – the waves created in that pool were entirely Raven’s accomplishment. As always, clicking on photos will enlarge them…

Argus Starts Things Off:



Big Brother Can’t Help You Now:


Is This How You Do It?



A Little Better With Some Practice: