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Themed Reading Challenge: Links for June/July


To post reviews for April/May, visit THIS POST (If you forgot to post reviews in February/March, that Mr. Linky is now closed…feel free to post THOSE reviews on the April/May Mr. Linky)

Please come back here to post your reviews of books read in June and July by using Mr. Linky. There will be a link in my sidebar to find this post again.

**Links should link DIRECTLY to your posted review (not just to your home page of your blog). Reviews linked incorrectly will be deleted from Mr. Linky (I will first attempt to fix the link, but if I cannot find your review, I will not be able to correct any problems with the link). Thanks!

1. J.G. (Emerson’s Selected Essays, Lectures and Poems)
2. 3M (Natasha and Other Stories)
3. Book Psmith (My Man Jeeves, Ring for Jeeves, Jeeves in the Offing)
4. Tiny Librarian (Bewitching Season)
5. Caribousmom (What The Dead Know)
6. Caribousmom (Last Night In Montreal)
7. Lissa
8. KitKat (The Last Van Gough)
9. What the Dead Know (Kristi/Books and Needlepoint)
10. Talking to the Dead (Kristi/Books and Needlepoint)
11. Beth F (Dead as a Doornail)
12. Lissa (Finger Lickin’ Fifteen)
13. Veronica (The Crimson petal and the White)
14. Retroredux(Prospero’s Daughter)
15. HotchPot Cafe (Remembrance of Things Past)
16. Sherrie(Dead Man’s Bones)
17. Sherrie(City of Bones)
18. Beth F (Death Qualified)
19. Caribousmom (Between Here and April)
20. Beth F (Rapture in Death)
21. FleurFisher (The Swan in the Evening)
22. Caribousmom (Finding Nouf)
23. Christina (Phenomenal Girl 5)
24. Hotchpot Cafe (Gulliver’s Travels)
25. FleurFisher (The doves of Venus)
26. Befth F (Delectable Mountains)
27. FleurFisher (Jenny Wren)
28. Caribousmom (The Good Thief)
29. Christina (Hidden)

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Mystery Read-A-Thon


June 7, 2009

Inspired by Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, Kathrin and Marleen have decided to host a bi-annual Mystery Read-A-Thon event. They write:

Since we originally met through our mutual love for mystery series, a mystery read-a-thon was what first came to mind. And since we both figured 24 hours is soooo long, far too long in fact to do it more that twice a year, if that, we figured punishing our families for 12 hours of complete ignorance of them (sorry guys, we still love you!) would be enough.

But 12 hours left us with a problem. If people from other countries would want to join us, and we would set the read-a-thon for 12 hours and those who live at the other side of the world would have to read during the night. Sounds unfair, right? So we figured if we make it a longer challenge and everyone can pick the 12 hours that fits best into the schedule.

I have decided to try this – I have several mysteries on my stacks and lately I’ve been in the mood to read them…this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. Come back on Sunday to see what I’m reading.

Want to join in the fun? Vist the dedicated blog to sign up…see you on the 7th!