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Sunday Salon – June 14, 2009

Sunday Salon

June 14, 2009

Good morning, fellow readers! Today is a beautiful spring day in Northern California – the birds are singing, the sky is a brilliant blue and my porch is calling to me. I’ll be finding a comfortable chair where I can breathe in the the fresh air and settle down with my latest read a little later today after I do some much needed house cleaning and laundry.

I had a productive week of reading this last week. Tomorrow I hope you’ll come back to read my review of Beach Trip by Cathy Holton, along with a guest post by the author. If you have already read this book and want to discuss it, Lisa at Books on the Brain is hosting the Summer Reading Series and Beach Trip is the book for June. The first set of questions can be found HERE.

I finished reading The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher (read my review) and cannot believe I waited months to read it after it arrived in my mailbox. It is truly a fascinating book. If you like murder mysteries and Victorian history, you might want to check this book out.

I also cruised through Malice by Lisa Jackson (read my review) and thus completed the Suspense-Thriller Challenge. This is genre fiction (murder/suspense) and as such is not intellectual literature. BUT, it is a fun read and if you’re in the mood for fast, scary reading…this one is for you!

Next up on my stacks was A Thousand Veils by D.J. Murphy (read my review). I am always a little leery of self published books…but Murphy can write and although I thought the book might have benefited from an editor, it was still a decent read. I am giving away my gently used copy of this book and you can enter the giveaway (through June 20th) by going to THIS POST. **EDITED to correct my error above – Apparently Murphy did take advantage of an editor. He writes: “[…] it was edited three times by Danelle McCafferty, who is also an editor for Nora Roberts, Tom Robbins and other bestselling authors.” My apologies for implying the book was not professionally edited!

My current read is one that has been on my TBR stacks for ages. I bought What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman when it was first released in 2007 and I am finally getting a chance to read it. Have you read anything by Lippman? So far this is a spellbinding story of an unsolved crime. Two young girls went missing thirty years earlier…and now one of them is back…or not. I am blowing through the pages of this book. Look for a review soon (probably by Tuesday).

I am planning on picking up Simon Van Booy’s collection of short stories next. And then I will be sinking into Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh which was short listed for the 2008 Booker Prize.

In other bookish news, I was thrilled to get some 40% and 50% off coupons at Barnes and Noble this week…and of course went right out and bought some new books:

  • The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
  • Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier
  • The Last Child by John Hart
  • The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

As you can see, I am completely unable to resist collecting more books for my stacks. I also had a prolific week of review books in my mailbox (come back tomorrow to if you’re curious about that).

What are you doing today? Whatever it is, I hope it involves time spent with a good book!


  1. June 14, 2009    

    I need to buy books. My palms are itching!


    You had a good week, it seems! Happy reading.

    TSS: Lets talk about books and related suff

  2. June 14, 2009    

    Hi Wendy!! Thanks for the link love to the Beach Trip discussion. I laughed when I read you couldn’t believe you waited months to read something.. I feel like that sometimes when I’m blown away by a book that was just sitting on my shelf for months or years. This great reading experience and wonderful story was there right under my nose all along and I never knew… Wonder what other treasures are hanging out, waiting their turn..

  3. June 14, 2009    

    You have been busy. I’m doing the Beach Trip tour too, but don’t post until the 30th, so I haven’t read the book yet. I’m looking forward to your review.

  4. June 14, 2009    

    Sounds like you are on a reading spree! I love all the books you have read, and am envious of your BN purchases.

    Hope you didn’t spend too much time on laundry and house cleaning, and were able to enjoy the gorgeous day reading outside.

  5. June 14, 2009    

    Goody! I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of The Little Stranger. Very creepy and strange.

  6. June 14, 2009    

    Great week! I have yet to read anything by Sarah Waters, but plan to read Fingersmith for the GLBT Challenge, which starts in July.

  7. June 14, 2009    

    Gautami: Can’t have itchy palms – must go shopping 🙂

    Lisa: *laughs* I KNOW there are dozens of amazing books on my shelves calling to me. Sometimes I wish I could have 3 straight months of nothing to do but read…but even then, I don’t think I’d get to all of them!

    Kathy: I really liked Beach Trip – it is pure comfort reading…perfect for summer.

    Molly: I have been having a productive month of reading! I have spent the last two hours reading blogs…*laughs*…the laundry is screaming at me!

    Jenny: I am eager to read The Little Stranger – I love Waters!

    Amanda: Oh, I think you’ll enjoy Fingersmith – it is a terrific book!

  8. June 14, 2009    

    I envy you that copy of the new Alice Hoffman. I love her books and have looked forward to this one as much as the new A.S. Byatt. Do you subscribe to her website? I have been receiving stories from the books and little snippets here and there for months. Such a tease! Maybe I could sneak out to the book store today…? Happy reading on the porch!

  9. June 14, 2009    

    Now I have to move “Mr. Whicher” to the top of my stack. I can’t wait to see what you think of “Sea of Poppies”.

  10. June 14, 2009    

    I reviewed The Last Child a few weeks ago! I hope you like it as much as I did! I also have Down River but haven’t read it yet. I look forward to your thoughts on The Beach Trip, as I had my blog stop a few weeks ago. As always, you’ve got some great books to read! Happy Sunday!

  11. June 14, 2009    

    I’ve been on a book buying frenzy myself last week. I came home from a trip to Dallas with two books. Waiting for me at home were four books from Amazon. Then I bought one more for my Kindle! Jeepers!

  12. Eva Eva
    June 14, 2009    

    I want to read Frenchman’s Creek! 🙂 I just read a thriller myself; I think it’s good to read things just for the fun of it. 😀

  13. June 14, 2009    

    The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher was so good! Glad you loved it too.

    Laura Lippman – I’ve read two so far, neither one you’re reading but she is definitely a new author for me that I am interested in reading more. Though I think I’ll concentrate on her standalones rather than her series.

    Can’t wait to see your review on The Little Stranger and I too have The Story Sisters here to review which looks like it’s going to be good and will actually be my first foray into Hoffman so I’ll look forward to seeing what you think of that as well.

    Can’t wait to see what you got in your mailbox last week. It was very quiet over here, mailwise.

  14. June 15, 2009    

    Frances: I don’t subscribe to Hoffman’s website, but you have tempted me!

    Gavin: I am a little nervous about Sea of Poppies – it is getting some wildly mixed reviews and sounds like the language of the novel is tough going…so we’ll see. I’m keeping an open mind 🙂

    Lisa: My review of Beach Trip is up…I really enjoyed Down River…hope you will too!

    Debbie: You sound like me *laughs* It isn’t like I need more books…

    Eva: I agree – reading should be fun!

    Nicola: Good to hear you enjoy Laura Lippman…I’m just about done with the book and I really am liking her style! Looks like we have some books in common 🙂 Two weeks ago I only got one book – this week NINE showed up … I should really track my requests as half the time I don’t even remember what I’ve asked for or said “yes” too *laughing*

  15. June 17, 2009    

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of The Story Sisters. I’ve read all of Hoffman’s books but must say I didn’t like this one at all. 🙁

  16. June 20, 2009    

    Melanie: I keep hearing mixed reviews on this book – which makes me nervous! I just hope I’m with the ones who liked it!

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