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Bloggiesta: First Update


I have to admit…I’m exhausted tonight. I had a long day of work which was VERY stressful (I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say there are times I hate working in the medical field). Because of this, I am pretty much DONE for tonight. I plan on getting up early and diving into my list and also the mini-challenges. See you then!

Total Amount of Time Spent on Event TO DATE: 2.0 hours

Total Mini Challenges Completed:

  1. Ruth from Bookish Ruth asked us to analyze our blog using this a website grader. My results were a score of 98.2 which according to HubSpot’s algorithm ‘has calculated that this site scores higher than 98.2% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness‘ AND ‘www.caribousmom.com ranks 18,020 of the 1,038,724 websites that have been ranked so far.‘ I was pleasantly surprised! But there are some things I could do to score higher including adding a Meta Description to my blog title and submitting articles to digg.com which I will probably do.
  2. Lynn from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile encouraged us to get our blog listed on one of the many, many social networking sites (she has listed a lot of them with links if you are interested!). I decided to get listed with BlogCatalog. It was free and easy to do!

How Am I Doing On My List? (partially complete highlighted in RED, completed are slashed out)

  1. Update and add to my THE LISTS pages (I’m moving lists from this site to here and will be closing that blog at the end of the year)
  2. Create Sunday Salon post for the 21st
  3. Create Mailbox Monday post for the 22nd
  4. Create Friday Finds post for the 26th
  5. Migrate Women Writers posts from that blog to this one (I will be closing my Women Writers blog by the end of the year since I seem to never post new content to it)
  6. Create 2 to 3 Women Writers NEW POSTS for a rainy day!
  7. Create a summer reading post.
  8. Create a Noteworthy News post.
  9. Clean up broken links on my blog – Thanks to Lesley from Lesley’s Book Nook who emailed with a Firefox Add-on called Link Evaluator, this part of my list got a whole lot easier. Thank you, Lesley!! Tonight I analyzed the following pages and fixed the broken links on them: Reviews, 2009 Reading Journal, The Lists (not individual lists, but the page where it lists the lists!)
  10. Organize my challenge lists.
  11. Update blog links in my right side bar.
  12. Catch up on reviews.

Bloggiesta: Beginning the Challenge!


Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.

5:10 PM – Friday Night (PST)

I have been working all day – so I am late to the party…but I still have plenty of time to join in the festivities. I have come up with a list of “to do” items which are on THIS POST. I’ll update as I complete an item or a group of items which are related. At that time, I’ll make a note of my hours spent blogging, how many comments I’ve left on other participants’ blogs and if I complete any mini challenges (see below!!).

Natasha writes:

How many times you choose to update is up to you, but you should keep track of the hours spent on the challenge as well as the tasks that you have completed.  You do not need to write a new post for each mini-post completed, but do include and link back to the challenge host on your final summary post.


There are mini-challenges:

You don’t have to do them all, but for each one that you do complete with a comment on their post, your name will be entered for a giveaway.

Go to MawBooks on this page to see a list of prizes.

So with no further ado, I am off to being this challenge!!!!!