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Sunday Salon – July 26, 2009

Sunday Salon

July 26, 2009

Good morning, fellow readers! The heat in Northern California has finally broken a bit and this morning there is a cool breeze wafting through my windows. I have had a good week of reading (making up ground for a slow start to the month). Since I my last Salon post I’ve read:

Between Here and April by Deborah Copaken Kogan (read my review) which turned out to be an interesting, provocative book. Some of the subject matter is difficult, but Kogan’s writing is worth the occasional moments of discomfort.

Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris (read my review) is a fascinating look at Saudi Arabian culture as it pertains to women…and it is a compelling mystery too. I didn’t find a ton of blog reviews for this book when I googled it (or checked my Google Reader) so I wonder how many others have read this book which won the 2009 Alex Award. Do you have this one on your shelf?

I just started reading The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti yesterday and so far I am enjoying it. Tinti’s story reminds me of Dickens a bit. I should finish this one in a couple of days, I think, so I may have time to squeeze in one more read before the end of the month.

In other reading news…I just posted a new challenge which I will be hosting beginning August 1st. It is all about putting randomness back in our reading…something I definitely need to do myself. Sign ups are not restricted and can be found here on my blog. I have worked a lot of flexibility into the challenge for those readers who need that…hope you’ll join me!

I am also going to be figuring out my nominations for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Have you submitted yours yet? This year looks to be bigger and better than last year thanks to Amy’s efforts.

I thought I would leave you with the latest photos I have of Raven. She is now six months old and just over 40 pounds…and is turning into such a wonderful dog – sweet, devoted, social, and oh-so-smart! Click on any photo to enjoy a larger view.

Sunning by the french doors:

Raven.6months.012009-07-21 Raven.6months.042009-07-21

Almost too big to be picked up anymore!

Raven.6months.062009-07-26 Raven.6months.082009-07-26

Scrappy Nine-Patch Friendship Quilt

Quite some time ago I received fat quarters of a variety of fabrics from a group of women friends on Library Thing (click on any photo to enjoy a larger view):


My idea at the time was to fashion some sort of quilt out of them…but I became quickly overwhelmed with the diversity of fabrics and my lack of quilting knowledge. So everything went into a big box where it has sat for months. I have finally rescued the fabric from oblivion and decided to make a nine-patch lap quilt. The idea came after blog-hopping around the quilting blogs and finding this fantastic quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts. I especially like the sashing…and for MY quilt which has a wild array of fabrics, the sashing helps calm things down a bit.

I have made a lot of progress on this little quilt which is going to measure somewhere in the vicinity of 40″ X 56″ when I am done with it. I have finished all the nine-patches (20 blocks in all) and attached the sashing between blocks to make five rows. Yesterday I started adding the sashing between rows and attaching the rows together. Here is what it looks like so far:



I am planning on creating a 3″ border of sashing, and then I am going to construct a 6″ wide scrappy border with all my leftover fabric. I have not yet decided how to back this quilt…so stay tuned for updates!

So far I am really happy with how this is coming out – one of the unique things about this friendship quilt is the very diverse fabrics…which on first glance did not seem to go together, but which started to meld and compliment each other as the blocks formed – a nice representation of  the group of women who had a hand in its creation!