Random Reading Challenge: Progress


August 1, 2009 – July 31, 2010

Read details of challenge and sign up here.

Link to reviews of challenge participants here.

I am hosting this challenge and will track my progress on this post, as well as giving you updates on how I chose each book.

I have chosen Level III – read 12 books.


Book 1:

My first random read was selected from a stack of 16 books which I just plucked from my shelves at random (not looking at titles, just grabbing books).

Random.org picked: #14

LOVE MEDICINE by Louise Erdrich – COMPLETED October 23, 2009; rated ; read my review.

Book 2:

My second random read was selected from a stack of 50 books which sit next to my bedside table gathering dust.

Random.org picked: #33

JOE JONES by Anne Lamott

Book 3:

My third random read was selected from the same stack of books as in Book #2.

Random.org picked: #40

THE SPECTATOR BIRD by Wallace Stegner

Book 4:

My fourth random read was selected from a stack of 18 recently purchased books.

Random .org picked #4

by Joyce Carol Oates

10 thoughts on “Random Reading Challenge: Progress

  1. I don’t think I know any of the books you have chosen. I’m looking forward to discover them through your reviews 🙂

  2. Sheila: It is really fun to pick your books these way, I am finding! I think the next one I pick I am just going to select one of my towering stacks, number them from bottom to top and then random pick a number…

    LN: I have so many books in there, some of these I had forgotten about! I am planning to pick different stacks for each random number pick…

    Vivienne: Good luck!

  3. I never read this one … interested to see what you think. And I’ve been having fun thinking of different ways I’m going to compile my lists for this challenge!

  4. Now that this challenge is over. Is there a new one starting this month? It was so fun that if there isn’t one to sign up for, I’m just going to unofficially have a random book read each month myself! But another challenge would be nice 🙂

  5. Nicola: Sorry to be responding so late to your comment. I haven’t decided whether or not to host this again – if I do, it will most likely not start until next year. Glad you liked it so well!!

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