Another Quilt Completed

Aug2009.DadsQuilt072009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt022009-08-16

I finished this lap quilt this week (click on any photo to enjoy a larger view). I am sending it back East for my dad for his birthday at the end of the month. The finished size is 46″ X 55″ and it was made from an Atkinson Design pattern called Yellow Brick Road. I am really proud of this one because it is the first quilt I’ve made start to finish completely on my own, including selecting fabric, cutting, piecing, machine quilting and binding. Here are some more photos which show the back, as well as the detail of the fabric and quilting (I sewed straight lines in a diagonal through the middle of the quilt, and straight parallel lines around the border):

Aug2009.DadsQuilt032009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt052009-08-16

Aug2009.DadsQuilt082009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt2009-08-16

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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    • Kathy on August 16, 2009 at 10:12

    What a wonderful gift – I know your dad will be pleased!

    • Sheri on August 16, 2009 at 14:17


    • diane on August 16, 2009 at 14:32

    Wow these really gorgeous. It would be a beautiful, so personal gift.

    Tortilla Flat is the other book I was planning on reading for the Steinbeck mini challenge. Sounds like you had a great week.

    • Laura on August 16, 2009 at 16:36

    Great job Wendy! You are really cranking out those quilts, I’m impressed.

    • Penny on August 16, 2009 at 19:30

    That is absolutely gorgeous! You should be proud of yourself, for all the work you put into it!

    • Teddy on August 16, 2009 at 20:53

    Beautiful! What a wonderful gift to treasure.

    • Staci on August 17, 2009 at 07:35

    That is gorgeous and the colors are awesome. Your Dad will love this!!!

  1. Gorgeous quilt. nice job.

    • Wendy on August 17, 2009 at 14:48

    Thanks everyone – this was a fun one to make knowing I was going to give it away to my dad 🙂

    • Tui on August 17, 2009 at 17:46

    That will feel like getting an enormous hug from you in the mail. Lovely job, Wendy.

  2. Your Dad is one lucky guy. What an awesome gift! It’s just beautiful!

    • Anna on August 19, 2009 at 05:10

    What a wonderful gift! That’s a gorgeous quilt.

  3. Wow! You’ve really gotten this quilting thing down, haven’t you?! The color combination of the fabrics is wonderful, Wendy. And I love the fabric you chose for the backside of the quilt. Beautiful, beautiful. I’ll bet your dad loves it. Kudos!

  4. What a wonderful gift! I wish someone would give me a homemade quilt. I wish I was better at stuff like that … I love quilts.

  5. Wow, I knew you were a reader, but what a beautiful quilt!! I guess reading and quilting go together quite well, because I’m a quilter too- although reading & blogging has taken over a lot of available quilting time! I guess I better hang out over here more often! 😀

    Take care,

  6. I really like it!

    It was so nice to meet you this weekend, and learn about you and your dogs and books and search and rescue!! Very exciting!

    Happy reading!!

  7. I was logged in wrong. OOPS! 🙂

    • Wendy on August 25, 2009 at 06:38

    Tui: Thanks – he loved it 🙂

    Darlene and Anna: Thank you for your kind words! It was so fun to make knowing I was making it for my dad.

    Les: Yes, I’m completely hooked! My dad loved it 🙂

    Jenners: *nods* I love quilts too … there is just something about them that exudes love, comfort and warmth…

    Suzanne: I think quilters do tend to be readers as well – I am having less time to read and blog with this new hobby…but I’m loving it. I’d love to spend more time with you 🙂

    Bethany: The feeling is quite mutual! What a terrific weekend 🙂

  8. Sorry, I didn’t notice this when you first posted it but it is lovely Wendy – just the sort of regular but irregular quilt that I like. Well done!

    • Wendy on September 2, 2009 at 07:08

    Sue: Thank you! I am so “into” quilting lately…I have finished piecing two more lap quilts and have several more in process. So I’ll be doing a quilt post one of these days soon 🙂

    • Trish on September 29, 2009 at 09:09

    Wendy–it looks absolutely fabulous. I’m still petrified of machine quilting. I love my quilt top so much, but it’s just hanging right now in the closet because I’m afraid I will ruin it when I go to quilt it. Plus–I haven’t quite figured out how to stuff the darn thing through my machine! 🙂

    I’m really impressed with all of the quilting you’ve been doing and your progress–looks like a pro could have made these. And you really think I ought to get a walking foot? I hadn’t planned on it, but you’ve got me thinking twice.

    My quilt top is a similar pattern to yours–mine is a disappearing nine-patch, and I’ve been trying to think of how to actually quilt. Instead of doing straight down like I planned, I think I’ll take your diagonal approach! Did you use any tape to get those straight lines?

    LOL–sorry for all the questions. 🙂

    • Wendy on October 4, 2009 at 08:48

    Trish: Sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment…I’ve been sick this week and just now catching up on responses! Thank you for the compliments on my quilting…although I still have A LOT to learn.

    What size is your quilt? I cannot quilt anything larger than a lap quilt because I don’t think I could fit the fabric through my machine (I sent out my double bed quilt to be professionally quilted).

    ABSOLUTELY you need a walking foot which holds all the layers together for even stitching…don’t even think about trying to quilt without one.

    Re: Diagonals…I first put a strip of tape on and stitched my first line that way (I started by stitching the first line corner to corner on the diagonal…and then worked out towards the edges). I didn’t need to use tape after that because I have a little guide on my walking foot which I am able to adjust to set a straight line…check out this photo and this one to see what I am talking about. The guide is on the right side of the walking foot. You can ask your local dealer about getting a foot with one of these.

    The most important thing is pinning the quilt so things don’t move or get bunched up. If you don’t know how to pin a quilt, ask your local quilt shop…they are always very helpful and I am sure would take the time to show you how to do it!

    Keep me posted!!

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