Portland Book Blogger Retreat

The Group2009-08-22

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From left to right: Juli (Suzi) from Whimpulsive, Gabe from Reading Local, Wendy from Caribousmom, Gilion from Rose City Reader, Ali from Worducopia, Kristen from We Be Reading, Teddy from So Many precious Books, So Little Time, Bethany (in front) from Dreadlock Girl, and Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

A group of book bloggers from Northern California, Washington, Oregon and Canada got together this past weekend in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon to meet each other and participate in some fun activities. Gilion from Rose City Reader has posted a terrific wrap up of the weekend, and so has Ali from Worducopia.

We (of course) took in Powells (one of the largest independent new and used bookstores in the world) and were treated to a tour of the store, including the rare book room. We got to see Lewis and Clark’s journal with a copy of their original map tucked in the back (and worth $35,000).

RareBooks.Powells2009-08-22 Lewis&Clark2009-08-22

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We also ooohed and aaahhed over a book which exhibited fore edge painting (art is painted on the edges of the pages where it is not visible until one fans the pages to reveal it):

ForeArt012009-08-22 ForeArt022009-08-22 ForeArt032009-08-22

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We also visited the Multnomah County Library where Jim Carmin showed us some amazing rare books from their collection. **CORRECTION from my original post where I said: “This library boasts the third largest rare books collection in the United States”… Actually their Native American Literature Collection (poetry, fiction, drama) is one of the top three largest collections of its type in the US (thanks for the correction, Jim!!). Among other things we got to view a silk thread woven book from the 13th century, the serialized version of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, and one volume of the complete set of The Birds of America by John James Audubon. I wanted to take photos there, but I did not think there was enough light without using my flash (prohibited!), so you will just have to take my word for it that what we saw was stunning.

We also spent about an hour with author Molly Gloss who was charming, funny and talkative. Teddy‘s camera has the photo of the group with Molly, so I’m hoping she’ll post that soon!

I stayed with Terri from Reading, Writing and Retirement who was unable to join the group. As always, spending time with Terri and her partner Laurie was a joy…and especially this time given that they have just added a new puppy to her home. Liza is one cute pup and at four months old and just over three pounds, she lacks no energy:


Liza022009-08-22 Liza032009-08-22

Overall, this was a tremendous weekend. It was so much fun to meet face to face with book bloggers who I read daily…and Portland was the perfect bookish city in which to get together. I have a feeling we will be doing this again at some point, and maybe there will be even more of us next time!

27 thoughts on “Portland Book Blogger Retreat

  1. Jeane

    I am drooling over those pictures. How I would love to visit Powell’s someday. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. The fore-edge painting is really really awesome, I’ve never heard of anything like that before. I didn’t really understand it until I looked up this video. Wow.

  2. bethany (Dreadlock Girl)

    YAY!! It was sooooo much fun to meet you 🙂 Thanks for posting the pictures. I loved the fore edge paintings, I couldn’t stop telling my family how cool they were.

    Yes, we do need another one!

  3. SuziQoregon

    Great wrap up! So sad I had to bail out and miss the rest of the day. I’m glad your pictures of the fore edge painting turned out – I have to show those to The Hubster – I was telling him how cool that was and he wants to see.

    I’m definitely in for a repeat get together!!!

  4. Memory

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! Book bloggers, secret bookish paintings and adorable puppies – what could be better?

  5. Diane

    What a wonderful time you all had. I think it is great when that rare occasion presents itself that you get to meet some on-line buddies. Thanks for sharing. The photos are great!

  6. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    wow that sounds like a great time and that bookstore is a must see for me at some point. I love that the artwork isn’t visible on those pages until they are held together.

    fantastic…thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

  7. Rose City Reader

    Great pictures! And a great summary of our fun weekend. Thanks for posting these. The fore edge painting pictures came out amazingly well. Cool!

    (But now that my cover is blown, it’s spelled Gilion.)

  8. Teddy

    Wow, your photos turned out fabulously! I haven’t even had time to download the photos from my camera yet but will soon.

    It was a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again! It was so worth the drive to meet all of you! Powell’s, Library, and Molly Gloss were bonuses!

  9. Kristen M.

    It was great to meet you for this fantastic weekend! I can’t wait until we get together again. Maybe I will stop and bug you next time I’m driving south through Cali!

  10. Table Talk

    I would love to be able to organize something similar for bloggers in the UK, but we’re all such busy people. I’m glad you had such a good time. And the puppy is wonderful.

  11. Les in NE

    Oh, how fun!! It sounds like a great gathering. Keep me posted for your 2nd annual visit. I may schedule a trip out to Depoe Bay at the same time so I can join in on all the fun.

  12. Alyce

    Thanks for the update! I’m bummed that I missed out on it since I only live about an hour away from Portland. My husband and I were on vacation.

  13. Isabel

    What a fun trip.

    I am glad to know that everyone was able to do book activities.

    Also, congrats on all your nominations for the Book Blogger Prize.

  14. Caribousmom Post author

    Kathy: I wish you could have been there too! And yes, Liza is just adorable!

    Missy: It was really fun…maybe next time you can make the trip!

    Jeane: Thanks for the video link! It is really an amazing art. Someday you HAVE to make a trip to Portland just to go to Powells which is the mecca for book lovers 🙂

    Bethany: It was so fun to meet you too. I agree that the fore edge painting was one of the coolest things I’ve seen. I would DEFINITELY come back to Portland to visit again 🙂

    Vivienne: Yes, a touch of heaven…I agree 🙂

    Natasha: One of these days I think we will FINALLY meet! Portland is a terrific city for book lovers.

    Rhapsody: My pleasure sharing my photos!

    Suzi: I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to get to know each other better. But, I totally understand … maybe next time!

    Memory: *laughs* It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

    Diane: I’ve been able to meet several book bloggers – at this event, last year in San Jose and through Library Thing with a trip back east and also to the Oregon coast. I am never disappointed and it is always a wonderful time.

  15. Caribousmom Post author

    Serena: Powells is DEFINITELY a must see destination. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Gilion: Whoops! All fixed now 🙂

    Ali: *nods* I was really happy with them!

    Carey: I wish you’d been there too…maybe next time!

    Staci: You’re welcome! My pleasure sharing with all of you 🙂

    Teddy: I agree – a fabulous time was had by all. Can’t wait to see your photos!

    Kristen: If you are ever in my area I definitely hope you will stop and “bug me!” *laughs* Seriously, do call or email if you are down this way…I have a guest room 🙂

    Anne: I think you’d be surprised how many people would come if you organized something like this! It was wonderful 🙂

    Les: oooooh, I’d love to meet you in person…will definitely “keep you in the loop” for the next one.

  16. Caribousmom Post author

    Jeane: THANK YOU, you are so sweet!!

    Alyce: Rats…it would have been great to meet you. Maybe next time?

    Kim: Powells is fantastic…maybe you can make it out here sometime?

    Isabel: Thank you! Yes, it was really fun!

    Swapna: I would love to meet you face to face sometime…maybe someday?!?

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