Weekend Cooking: Apples and Chicken

weekendcookingHave you seen this new weekly meme being hosted over at Beth Fish Reads?  Beth writes:

Weekend Cooking is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs. If your post is even vaguely foodie, feel free to grab the button and link up anytime over the weekend.

I always feel especially creative in the kitchen at this time of the year and I tried a new recipe last night I thought I would share with all of you. This came from one of my favorite cookbooks: The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook by Julie Rosso and Sheila Lukins (I also have the equally good New Basics Cookbook by the same two authors). Anyway, I had thawed out four boneless chicken breasts yesterday and wanted to do something more imaginative than throw them the grill. On page 278 of The Silver Palate Cookbook, I found a terrific seasonal recipe called Baked Chicken With Cider and Apples. And it was simple. Simply marinate the chicken breasts in some apple cider for an hour (I used Odwalla’s Cider with Caramel), then dredge the breasts in flour with some ground ginger, cinnamon, pepper and salt. Bake in a shallow dish for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from the oven and pour reserved cider and sliced apples over the top of the chicken; return to the oven for 25 minutes…and you’re done. The recipe also called for Applejack (which I had to look up because I’d never heard of it…apparently it is a liquor) which I did not have…I left it out and the meal came out great, so I guess it wasn’t needed. Besides this easy dish, I also used a left over baked yam to make sweet potato pancakes with roasted pecans. Yummy.

Do you have some favorite seasonal recipes for this time of the year? I also love to make soups and stews with a loaf of homemade bread. I better stop now, my stomach is growling!

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    • Beth F on October 31, 2009 at 12:39

    First: thanks so much for playing along.

    Second: I love the Silver Palate cookbooks. I somehow missed that delicious chicken recipe and will now be marking the page. The yams and pecans sound like the perfect season accompaniment. yummmy!

    I guess it’s the changing weather, but I too rediscover the kitchen when the leaves begin to change,

  1. Your chicken sounds delicious. I actually have all those ingredients on hand right now. Thanks for the recipe. The yam pancakes are a totally new concept to me. Perhaps you’ll share in future Weekend Cookings?

    • caite on November 1, 2009 at 07:09

    that sounds so autumnal!

    you never heard of applejack? it is a spirit with a fine NJ history and is made in NJ by Laird and company… and you need it to make a Jack Rose, which was once my mother’s cocktail of choice.

  2. I love those books too, including New Basics. I have made that recipe in the past but we can’t get Applejack in Australia so I’ve used substitutions. It works well. I must get it out again and give it a new airing.

    Seasonal recipes? Well, for me right now we are getting into things like Summer Salmon Salad!

  3. Oh, forgot to say re Applejack substitution. I used a little brandy, because I think Applejack is a spirit a bit like the French Calvados for which I also often substitute straight brandy.

  4. This sounds yummy. The chicken didn’t get dried out, though? That seems like a long time for boneless breasts to bake (65 minutes total).

    I like these weekly meme and will have to remember to post something next week.

    • 3m on November 2, 2009 at 15:50

    This sounds soooo delicious. Might have to try this one!

    • Wendy on November 6, 2009 at 07:47

    Beth: It is fun to play along with this new meme 🙂 I agree, when the weather cools, I really want to spend a little time in the kitchen.

    Margot: I hope you enjoyed the chicken recipe! The sweet potato pancakes are SIMPLE. Just mash up some left over, cooked yams or sweet potatoes and throw them in a fry pan with a generous amount of butter (I make little round pancakes with them). Cook them on medium high until one side is brown and crusty…flip them over and cook the other side. I also pepper and salt them as they cook. To add pecans, simply roast some pecans in the oven and sprinkle over the top of the finished pancakes OR you can break up some pecans and throw them in the fry pan as the pancakes are cooking…they cook up nicely and add a great nutty flavor to the whole thing!

    Caite: Nope, Applejack was a new thing for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    Whispering Gums: *Laughs* That’s right – you are all into summer cooking right now! I like the sound of your salmon 🙂

    Les: No it didn’t dry out at all – very moist. But I think that is partly because of all the liquid that is added.

    Michelle: Go for it!

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