Spam Continuing to be a problem…

Faced with over 100 spam comments twice a day (all of which I feel I have to look at because once in a while a REAL comment is captured by my filter), I have been forced to shut off comments on several posts which seem to be the ones targeted. Unfortunately, some of these are recent posts. I will wait a few days, then turn comments back on.

Is anyone else out there getting this many spammers? It seems to be rather recent for me in terms of this volume.

5 thoughts on “Spam Continuing to be a problem…

  1. Rose City Reader

    Yes, just in the past few weeks, I have started getting several spam comments a day. Not 100s, thankfully, but it is getting annoying.

    I don’t want to have to turn word verification back on, but if it gets worse, I’ll have to.

  2. Anna

    I’m having the same problem on older comments, so I had to turn on comment moderation for those posts. It’s a pain, but what else can you do?

  3. Allie

    I’ve been getting about 2-3 comments in Chinese characters a day. At first I was concerned about censoring them b/c I certainly don’t want to not approve a comment just because it’s not in English. But then I plugged the comment into Google Translate and it was some kind of ad verbage for a hair care product. It’s really annoying. The same ad 2-3 times a day. . .

  4. Caribousmom Post author

    Kathy: It is so frustrating, isn’t it?

    Rose City Reader: It seems to go in spurts, doesn’t it? I hate word verification…but sometimes there is no other choice.

    Anna: I have comment moderation on for new commenters only…and my spam filter seems to be catching most of these…but it annoys me nonetheless.

    Allie: I’ve been getting those chinese characters as well!!! Good for you for checking to see if they were legitimate…I just deleted them *laughs* I have found that shutting comments off of posts which are getting hit hard helps. I wait a day, then turn comments back on and they seem to go away.

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