Quilting Update…

I had a question on one of my quilting posts regarding the type of sewing machine I was using. I started with an old Singer machine which would overheat within an hour of stitching, gradually slowing down until it would no longer run. It was evident I needed a new machine…

So I first purchased a low-end Janome Magnolia. It was way better than my Singer and at first I really liked it. But as I started making larger quilts and wanting to quilt them myself, I became frustrated with the lack of well space (the space to the right of the needle which allows one to push fabric through the machine). My stitching was uneven and I found myself having to PUSH the fabric along.

So when I brought the machine back to the seller within three months, he suggested I “trade up” for a machine that had a built in feed dog which was motorized. He was willing to give me full credit on my trade in, and then offered me 10% off as well on the new machine. I didn’t buy it immediately because I had to get over the sticker shock of $1400 first. But Kip pointed out to me that a sewing machine was a tool, just like the very expensive tools in his workshop…and besides, it was almost Christmas and perhaps it could be an early Christmas present.

Janome6600.022009-12-03 Janome66002009-12-03

(click on photos to enjoy a larger view)

So I bought the Janome 6600…and I am thrilled with it. This machine practically sews by itself. It has special features (like the built in walking foot for quilting, and the ability to lower the feed dogs for free motion quilting), and more stitches then I know what to do with. I am still learning the machine – but I will tell you that sewing and quilting is now a breeze with this fantastic “tool!” If you are a serious sewer or quilter, I guarantee you will not be unhappy with this machine.

So here is my latest project…a pinwheel table runner in Christmas colors which was inspired by Jodi at Pleasant Home. I made my runner shorter than her’s … and the block size slightly larger.

(click on photos to enjoy a larger view)

PinwheelTableRunner2.20092009-11-26 PinwheelTableRunner.20092009-11-26 PinwheelTableRunner3.20092009-11-26

I fell in love with this line of fabric from Marcus Fabrics called Metro Mirage and designed by Michelle D’Amore. It is incredibly soft and the colors are vibrant. I especially liked the diagonally striped fabric which made a perfect binding.


I didn’t take a photo of the back of this runner, but I used the Jacobian floral chocolate fabric from the same line. It is more autumn-like, so this table runner COULD be reversible.

I also had some fun putting together these two little scrappy hedgerow blocks (inspired by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson!)…not sure yet what I’m going to do with them. Might need to make a few more and then see what happens.

ScrappyHedgerowBlock2.20092009-12-03 ScrappyHedgerowBlock.20092009-12-03

Are you working on any fun, crafty projects lately? If so, I’d love to see them…leave me a link in the comments to any posts you have!