O.A.T.E.S. Challenge

January 1 – December 31, 2010

Trish at Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’ is hosting the O.A.T.E.S. Challenge and I couldn’t resist. Here are the details:

O for Joyce Carol Oates, A for Margaret Atwood…maybe I could come up with other authors to fit T, E, and S!

Immediately Ernest Hemingway came to mind, and even though he doesn’t fit the rule that it’s the author’s last name that has to fit the acronym, he can slide since it’s ERNEST HEMINGWAY. Then Twitter came to my aid and it was decided that T could be Leo Tolstoy (yes, even *I* am cringing as I write that), and S can be for John Steinbeck.

Substitutions for the authors are allowed (except for Joyce Carol Oates) which is good, because I want to substitute a couple!

Here is what it will look like for me:

O – Joyce Carol Oates
A – Margaret Atwood
T – Rose Tremain
E – Louise Erdrich
S – Wallace Stegner

I am not picking books ahead of time (I have several books by each author on my TBR pile).

There are several participation levels. I’m choosing: Whole OATES – 5+ books

Here are the books I’ve read for this challenge with links to reviews:

  1. The Year of the Flood, by Margaret Atwood – COMPLETED January 7, 2010; rated 3.5/5; read my review.
  2. The Penelopiad, by Margaret Atwood – COMPLETED June 13, 2010; rated3.5/5; read my review.

8 thoughts on “O.A.T.E.S. Challenge

  1. JoAnn

    Now this is an intriguing challenge! I would even choose the same authors. If you haven’t read Crossing to Safety by Stegner, I’d highly recommend it. It’s one of my all-time favorites! Tremain is an author I’ve been meaning to read… and you know how I feel about Erdrich 😉

  2. Sandra

    Glad I found this- I ran right over and signed up. It should be fun. Would you believe that all 4 of your choices after Oates have been on my must read someday list? I may just do them too. I look forward to your thoughts on what you read.

  3. Ali

    Wow, Wendy, you’re joining a lot of challenges! I’ve been resisting them this year–mostly I just want to read through my stack of books without external guidance. But I’m sure I’ll cave at some point.

  4. Nari @ The Novel World

    Whoops, I didn’t follow the rules then, since I didn’t put Joyce Carol Oates on my list.

    I’m going with Flannery O’Conner, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, Edith Wharton and J.D. Salinger. Should be a fun and literary year!

  5. Caribousmom Post author

    Trish: You’re welcome 🙂

    Kathy: Thanks!

    JoAnn: Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 I think you’ll love Tremain…hope to see a review of one of her books on your site!

    Sandra: Oh good – glad to see we will be reading the same authors 🙂

    Serena: I’m glad she allowed for substitutions – it made it irresistible to me 🙂

    Ali: Seems like a lot – but they all steer me toward reading what I intend to read this year.

    Nari: LOL – but your list looks VERY interesting!

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