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The Classics Circuit: Edith Wharton on Tour

Welcome to my tour of Edith Wharton (1862-1937) for this month’s Classics Circuit. I read two books written by Edith Wharton for this tour: The House of Mirth (read my review) and The Writing of Fiction (read my review). I am really glad I read these books back to back as Wharton’s guide to writing …

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The Writing of Fiction – Book Review

Since Balzac and Stendhal, fiction has reached out in many new directions, and made all sorts of experiments; but it has never ceased to cultivate the ground they cleared for it, or gone back to the realm of abstractions. It is still, however, an art in the making, fluent and dirigible, and combining a past …

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The House of Mirth – Book Review

“Ah, there’s the difference – a girl must, a man may if he chooses.” She surveyed him critically. “Your coat’s a little shabby – but who cares? It doesn’t keep people from asking you to dine. If I were shabby no one would have me: a woman is asked out as much for her clothes …

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