Five Years of Blogging…

Today, the 14th of February 2010, marks exactly five years I have been blogging! I did not start out as a book blogger – instead my early posts were all about my life and the people and animals who shared it…and my very first post was a photo of me, Kip, Argus and Caribou. Here is a look back at my blog over the years:

I have enjoyed the journey:

  • Along the way, you have celebrated with me when my family expanded to include two cats (Gizmo and Maia)…and of course, Raven. And you grieved with me when I  had to say good-bye to Caribou and Argus.
  • I’ve met hundreds of like-minded people from all walks of life and from all over the world. I’ve discovered the world is not as big as one might think – and I have grieved at the loss of other bloggers…first Nattie, then Dewey.
  • I have lost track of how many books I’ve given away…and how many I’ve won over the years. My stacks have grown larger; the books I read have become more numerous. I have met some wonderful publishers, publicists and authors … and discovered so many new books and authors by reading other blogs (now over 300 on my Google Reader).

The world of book blogging has changed in five years…Twitter did not exist in 2005 and ARCs were not coming to bloggers in the volume we see them today. This spring, the first Book Blogger Convention will occur in the same venue (and affiliated with) the largest book publishing event in North America – the BEA. And many book bloggers will finally meet face to face.

I am grateful that I found my way to book blogging five years ago. I am grateful to have connected with so many readers. My life is richer, more interesting, and much busier thanks to my blog.

THANK YOU to all of you who have taken this journey with me. And to make that thank you just a bit more tangible, I’m giving away a couple of books (because, really, what would an anniversary be without presents?!?!?).

Bleeding Heart Square by Andrew Taylor – soft cover, brand new (read my review)

The Glimmer Palace by Beatrice Colin – Advance Readers Edition, never been read

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE (no geographic restrictions). I will choose TWO winners (one for each book).

To Enter:

Simply leave me a comment by February 21st, 2010 by midnight PST. I’ll announce the winners on February 22nd.

Good Luck!!!

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    • Teresa W. on February 16, 2010 at 08:01

    Congrats, count me in!

    • karenk on February 16, 2010 at 10:11

    Happy Anniversary…wishing you many, many more 🙂

  1. Congrats to you!!!!! Wow, 5 years, that is quite an accomplishment! Here is to 5 more!

    • anne on February 16, 2010 at 15:53

    Congratulations! Best wishes and many more.

    • Roberta Vanderburg on February 16, 2010 at 16:15

    Love the blogs and reviews. Today is my fisrt journey into researching blogging sites. Not sure why I have waited so long to check out reading or book blogs other than being time challenged between work and a masters program. I am an avid reader who is committed to reading for pleasure every day even if it is only one page. I have really enjoyed you site-congratulations on five years and keep up the good work!.

    • Jeanie on February 16, 2010 at 18:56

    Amazing! I don’t even have five MONTHS of blogging yet – congratulations on five years!!

  2. Congratulations!! I run a blog of my own, so I know just how much work it can be. You deserve many pats on the back 🙂

    • Amanda on February 17, 2010 at 06:27

    Happy Blogiversary! Wow, five years! I too didn’t originally start my blog as a book blog but that is how it’s developed. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know your animals. Thanks!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I hope I don’t mess up your system but I’m not interested in the giveaways. But I wanted to give my congrats. 5 years, wow! I’ve been blogging for 3-4 years and writing reviews for 9 but only book blogging for 2 1/2. Isn’t that confusing.

    • Teddy on February 18, 2010 at 15:56

    Happy anniversary Wendy! Wow 5 years! Thanks for sharing your history with us!

    No need to enter me in the giveaway.

  4. Congrats on five years! Wow. No need to enter me. Will you be at BEA and the Book Blogger Convention?

    • Sue on February 19, 2010 at 09:20

    Happy Anniversary. Five years is a big commitment to your blog! Thanks for sharing this book!

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

    • Kathy on February 19, 2010 at 18:16

    Happy Blogiversary. I enjoyed reading the history of your blog. I just started my blog, and find it interesting how your blog changed over the years. I don’t know how my blog will change over time, but I hope that I have as much success and fun as you.

    • Wendy on February 20, 2010 at 10:56

    Rhapsody: Thanks!

    Tina: Thank you – and I wish you the greatest success as well….I learned SO much in my first couple of years blogging 🙂

    Rose City Reader: Thank you, my friend 🙂

    Margie: Thank you and you’re welcome! I hope the winners will enjoy them!

    Kailana: Thanks!!

    Beachreader: I love seeing new book bloggers…glad to be an inspiration!

    Debbie: Done!

    John: Thanks…you’re entered.

    Kim: Something tells me you’ll be around a long time too!

    Carol T.: Thank you! Glad to see you stopping by.

    • Wendy on February 20, 2010 at 11:03

    Teresa: Thanks – you’re entered.

    KarenK: Thank you!

    Christine: *raises glass to five more!*

    Anne: Thank you!

    Roberta: Welcome to the wonderful world of book blogging! I am totally addicted to the blogs…love them. Hope to see you again over here…thanks for stopping by!

    Jeannie: You will be amazed at how fast the months fly by. Welcome to blogging!

    bcTeaGirl: Thank you for the kind words!

    Amanda: Thanks. It’s nice to see someone else whose blog evolved into a book blog 🙂

    Callista: LOL! I actually was able to follow that. Thanks for stopping by (and you did not mess up my system!)

    Teddy: Thanks! It has been so fun making friends through blogging – I’m glad to count you as one!

    Serena: Thanks. YES, I will be at BOTH the BEA and Book Blogger Convention. My husband and I are arriving on the evening of the 22nd…so hope to have some “free” days to hook up with other bloggers and explore the city. We need to exchange information!!

    Sue: thank you, and you’re welcome!

    Kathy: Your blog will undoubtedly evolve over time, as mine did. I think every blogger sees their style change and become their own over time. Good luck!

    • Sarah E on February 21, 2010 at 16:49

    Please enter me in this giveaway!

    Congrats on your anniversary. 🙂

    • Anna on February 23, 2010 at 06:45

    I know I’m late, but I just wanted to wish you a happy blogiversary!

    • trish on February 23, 2010 at 14:24

    Happy five year blogiversary! You’re the veteran among us. 🙂 So glad you transitioned to being more of a book blog…I can’t imagine the book blogging community without you!

    • Wendy on February 24, 2010 at 16:32

    Sarah: Thanks 🙂

    Anna: Never too late – thanks for stopping by!

    Trish: LOL – I feel like I should be tottering around with a cane! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

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