Mailbox Monday – March 15, 2010

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mailbox Monday hosted each week at The Printed Page where readers share the books which arrived at their homes over the last seven days.

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Here are the goodies that the postman delivered to me this week:

Latin Grill: Sultry and Simple Food for Red-Hot Dinners and Parties, by Rafael Paloino with Arlen Gargagliano (photographs by Dan Goldberg) arrived from Caitlin at FSB Associates. Released this month through Chronicle Books, Palomino’s sumptuous cookbook made me drool as I flipped through the photos of gorgeous food. The recipes are inspired by Palomino’s native Colombia and include marinades and dipping sauces, appetizers, grilled meats, and desserts – a griller’s delight! I can see myself using this cookbook as the days grow longer and warmer. Rafael Palomino  was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Queens. He is the executive chef of Sonora in Port Chester, New York; Pacifico in New Haven, Connecticut and Center Valley, Pennsylvania; and Greenwich Tavern in Greenwich, Connecticut. Palomino also runs Pasion Catering. He has published several other Latin-style cookbooks. For more information on the author and his work, visit the author’s website.

The Lumby Lines, by Gail Fraser arrived from Caitlin at FSB Associates. The Lumby Lines is the first book in a series and is described in the press release as follows:

Nestled in the Northwest is a quaint little town that its quirky residents are proud to call home. With charming shops lining its one main thoroughfare, Lumby has the oldest apple tree in the county and the smallest bank in the state. And though it’s hours from the nearest big city, you’ll always find Lumby close to your heart…

Fraser’s small town series has been compared favorably to Jan Karon’s Mitford books (which I loved!). Fraser gave up a successful career in corporate America to become a full time novelist. She is married to rural folk artist Art Poulin who does the cover illustrations for the Lumby series. The couple is creating their own “Lumby” called Lazy Goose on 40 acres of land with a view of the Adirondacks and the Catskills. To learn more about Fraser and her work, visit the author’s website.

Caitlin was also kind enough to send me the rest of the books in the Lumby series. Stealing Lumby, Lumby’s Bounty, and The Promise of Lumby continue to follow the quirky and humorous townspeople of Lumby, all under the watchful eye of the town mascot – Hank, a pink flamingo who thinks he is a bald eagle. The fifth book in the series – Lumby on the Air is due for release in July 2010.

What arrived at YOUR house this week?

16 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday – March 15, 2010

  1. Beth(bookaholicmom)

    I think The Lumby books sound great! I was wondering about those great covers. I’ll have to check out the author’s website. The books are going on my wish list! Enjoy all your new reads!

  2. Molly

    This is the second time I have read a post about the Lumby series. It sounds like a wonderful fictitious town!

  3. Kim

    I have Lumby Lines sitting on the bottom of my nightstand where it has sat for a couple of years! I guess I never knew, or forgot that it was compared to Mitford–a series I also loved to pieces. I have never seen anyone online mention this series so I think I kind of forgot about it!
    *smiles and thanks for the reminder*

  4. Staci

    I have the Lumby Lines too…can’t wait for that one. The cookbook sounds great and the dipping sauces sound like fun!

  5. Verbatim

    Will you be reviewing Latin Grill? It looks great, but always good to hear from someone who’s actually tried the recipes.

  6. Caribousmom Post author

    Alyane: Thanks for stopping by and for the link to your mailbox 🙂

    Gautami: I couldn’t resist those covers!

    Beth: The cover artist also has a website here.

    Callista: The photos in the cookbook are yummy too 🙂

    Sheila: I agree!

    Molly: I am always drawn to these kinds of series – so idyllic, the kind of town I would like living in!

    Kay: LOL – I know what you mean – and what kind of a town HAS a mascot who is a pink flamingo???

    Kim: Oh, I will be interested in reading your thoughts on the series at some point! Keep me posted 🙂

    Staci: Those dipping sauces look amazing – I need to go shopping so I can make some!

    Kathy: I hope to read at least one book in the series next month.

    Verbatim: Yes, I intend to try one or two recipes and then review it…I know what you mean about testing them out!

  7. Nicola

    Oh those Lumby books look great. I love those sorts of books. I think just the covers would make me want to read them!

  8. Caribousmom Post author

    Kristen: I am thinking I will have to make something soon from that one!

    Aths: Oh, it will be fun to compare notes 🙂

    Nicola: I love these kinds of books as well – they are usually light, feel-good kinds of books and I like interspersing them with more serious literature. The covers are great, aren’t they?

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