A Failed Challenge…oh well

In keeping with my new and improved attitude towards challenges and obligations, I have failed spectacularly on completing Michelle’s 1% Well-Read Challenge.

I was supposed to have read 10 books…I managed three. If you want to see what I read and how I liked them, visit this post.

I still intend to read from this list (I actually own many books that are listed there), but I think I’ll resist the temptation to make it a challenge from now on.

7 thoughts on “A Failed Challenge…oh well

  1. Well, even if you didn’t finish it in its entirety, I still congratulate you for reading three books for the challenge!

  2. I read the ten books last year but like you am just going to go forward in a freer way and not make a challenge out of it. It’s a wonderful list to work on!

  3. Alyce and Kathy: Thanks!!

    Kristen: I did better in the first one too…I just have not felt driven to complete challenges lately, which is probably a good thing.

    Lenore: *laughs* Glad I’m not alone!

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