Mother’s Day Contest: Jennie Nash, Author

Jennie Nash’s latest novel, The Threadbare Heart, was inspired by her mother. The novel is a mother-daughter story which shows the damage done by jealousy and tension. In Nash’s engaging novel, Lily and Eleanor’s relationship is healed by an old piece of lace which bridges their misunderstandings.

Read Chapter One.

Read my review.


Jennie Nash is hosting this Mother’s Day contest open to U.S. participants ONLY.


  • ONE winner at each participating blog will receive a signed edition of The Threadbare Heart, and be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. To see which blogs are participating, visit Jennie Nash’s website and scroll down the left hand column.
  • ONE person will win the Grand Prize (chosen on May 16th) which consists of a “Book Club in a Box”: TEN signed copies of The Threadbare Heart, a call-in from the author to your book club, and a delicious rum cake (you need to read the book to understand the significance of  the rum cake!)

How to Enter:

  • Send me a 250-word entry about your favorite mother-daughter relationship in literature or film. Which pair made you laugh? Made you cry? Made you cringe? Which pair revealed something true about your own mother-daughter relationships? Entries should be sent to Please use the subject line: MOTHER’S DAY CONTEST on your entry.
  • Please make sure that your entry includes a correct email address so I can notify you if you win. Please set your spam protection to allow emails from
  • Entries must be received no later than Saturday, May 8th by 3:00 PM (PST)
  • I will choose ONE winner (based on how the entry impacted me emotionally) on Mother’s Day, May 9th. That person’s entry will be sent to Jennie Nash and be in the running for the Grand Prize. That person will also win a signed edition of The Threadbare Heart.
  • PLEASE be aware, you must choose only ONE participating blog on which to enter your essay. Multiple entries on multiple blogs will be disqualified (so pick me, pick me!!!)
  • Jennie Nash will choose the Grand Prize winner, and announce who that is on May 16th.

Please leave me a comment on this post if you have any questions or need clarification.


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  1. Thanks for the e-mail, doll. I’ve got this posted at Win a Book. What a cool idea…

    • Daelene Crisden on May 9, 2010 at 08:19

    I just wanted to share a poem I made with everyone.

    For all your struggles, for all your fights,
    For your tiresome days and sleepless nights.
    For mending me up, for all your band-aids,
    For all my ponytails, haircuts and braids.
    For playing jump rope to catching the ball,
    For being the worlds greatest dad and for having santa call.
    For walking me to school in the snow and rain,
    For making me laugh when you were in pain.
    For helping your neighbors, you know the raise a village thing,
    For the standing ovation when I know I can’t sing.
    For all the marches and the picket lines,
    For holding me on your hip while you held up your signs.
    For your bleeding hands and the lashes you bore,
    For giving us the bed while you slept on the floor.
    For all my education, for my trophies and metals,
    For pushing my bike till my feet reached the pedals.
    For taking me to church or putting me on the Sunday school bus,
    For the good Christian faith you instilled upon us.
    For the meals you put together, when together is all we had,
    For always loving me Momma and rarely getting mad.
    For the whippings and the groundings for allowing me to decide,
    For the teaching and the preaching, for me to hold my head up high.
    For never being ashamed, for the unconditional love,
    I send this poem to all you mothers who are now loving from above.
    For all the mother’s who are now gone away,
    Gone but not forgotten, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    • Wendy on May 12, 2010 at 07:19

    Thanks for sharing that lovely poem!

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