June 18, 2010 archive

Oprah Summer Picks that Caught My Eye

I like perusing Oprah’s book picks. I don’t always agree with her choices, but usually I find one or two that spark my curiosity. Oprah has picked twenty hot summer books to tempt readers. These are the ones which have made it onto my wish list: Kings of the Earth by Jon Clinch will be …

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Not Just Reading…

*Click on any photo to enjoy a larger view. …Also planting, relaxing, enjoying the sunshine: Of course, Raven is here to help… Please follow and like the blue thistle

Cool Water – Book Review

He leans his face into the animal’s side, closes his eyes and sucks in the sweet, familiar smell – the blend of dust and grass and warm sweat. The smell of the horse takes him back to when Rip and Tom were there in the pasture, when he was a boy on another hot summer …

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