National Adopt-A-Dog Month Book Giveaway

Did you know that October is National Adopt-A-Dog month? Did you know that 25-30% of dogs for adoption in animal shelters are purebred? And the rest are lovable, mixed-breed pets, just waiting for a chance to find a forever home? Not only can you adopt a pet from your local shelter, but there are many rescue organizations which place dogs in appropriate homes. Years ago, I used to foster dogs for German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California and had my life enriched by the wonderful dogs I took into my home.

The amazing people over at Hachette are helping to bring attention to National Adopt-A-Dog month by offering a fantastic package of books for giveaway:

I am thrilled to be able to support animal adoption by offering this giveaway through Caribousmom.


  • Contest open from October 1 – October 10, 2010 for those with U.S. or Canada mailing addresses (no PO boxes, please)
  • By 5:00 pm EST on October 10th, leave a comment and tell me an animal story which will warm my heart.
  • On October 11th I am going to choose FIVE random entries using Random.Org…and out of those five, I’m going to chose ONE lucky winner whose comment touches my heart the most. I’ll announce the winner here on my blog and also send an email to the lucky person.

Good luck!!!!

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    • Amanda W on October 1, 2010 at 04:11

    I remember one time I had gotten hurt and was lying on the floor crying. My cat Lucy came over and started nudging me with her head and meowing. She stayed there until I got up. It’s like she knew I was hurt and wanted to make me feel better.

    • Lindymc on October 1, 2010 at 05:00

    My daughter is a member of the Board of Directors for a county animal shelter in rural south central Oklahoma. She is actively involved and continually shares stories of dog and cat adoptions. Recently a mother showed up with two young sons. The boys had finally convinced their parents that they were old enough and responsible enough to have a dog. The parents agreed, but insisted the dog must come from an animal shelter. Each boy chose a pet and two dogs found their ‘forever home’. Stories like this are repeated two or three times a week, and my daughter calls excitedly with the news: “Oh, Mom, Dodger (or Duchess, or Milo, or Scotty, etc.) has been adopted” — the only drawback is the other side of this coin: as each of these animals leave the shelter, another stray and/or neglected dog is dropped off. Thank goodness for clean, responsible shelters with spay/neuter programs; and thank goodness for the volunteers (like my daughter) and especially….thank goodness for caring pet owners who adopt shelter animals.

  1. Well, to start off, I must admit that we just lost our beloved dog Maggie, so this comment is really difficult to write. Maggie came to us when I was desperately lonely, trying to learn to be an adult, and before a real job, kid, and hobbies. I had just graduated from college, and I had moved back home. I kept telling my mom I wanted a dog, but she was hesitant to add yet another one to her home. One day I accompanied her to the dog store to get treats and supplies for all her beautiful mutts when Maggie walked by. I was drawn to her immediately-this was my kind of dog. A German Shepard mix, she was about 45 pounds and ready to run. After a long conversation with the rescue group I agreed to adopt her.

    Maggie had a lot of issues. She came to us when she was a year and a half, and she was taken from her previous home because of excessive abuse. She frequently had accidents and the fourth of July was a terrible time for her. But somehow, she was wonderful! So full of life, so full of caring…it was my Maggie who sat with me when we learned Matt had cancer. Maggie sat with me when our fertility problems hit home. Maggie sat with me when our first adoption fell through. Maggie helped us through it all.

    I can’t help thinking that Maggie left us now, only after she knew that we had finally grown up and not that we could even think about handling things without her. I am beyond thankful that we still have another dog, but I know that I will miss my Maggie for the rest of my life.

  2. First let me say a deer just ran by my window – startled me (I’m never expecting them)!

    We just adopted a rescue dog last Sunday. She is do darn cute and is surprsingly a lab/beagle mix. The woman rescuer drove from NJ to NC to safe the pregant mom, she nutured the mom and helped wean the litter (she’s keeping the mom). How amazing is that?!!

    All three of our dogs are rescue and yes… one of them is a pure bred.

    I have a few posts about Lily – our new puppy – on my site if you are interested :).

    Have a great weekend!

    • Lori L on October 1, 2010 at 12:31

    Both of our dogs are adopted dogs – and mutts.

    We found our little dog, or rather he found us, at the animal shelter in Reno, NV. Our daughter had wanted a dog of her own for her birthday. We were committed to giving a shelter dog a good home, so we started visiting the animal shelter as often as we could in order to find the dog for our family. Since we already have a big over 100 lbs outside dog, we were hoping to find a smaller inside dog, 25 lbs or under.

    The volunteers at the shelter told us that the little dogs go fast, so you have to be there when one is ready for adoption in order to get one. We were vigilante on visiting, resisting falling in love with the big dogs and the puppies, waiting for our dog.

    On every visit we were greeted with loud barking and lots of excitement, but “our” dog wasn’t there. Then, during one spontaneous last minute decision to stop by we found him.

    He wasn’t there when we first walked though. We saw him when we were leaving. He was being “let out of jail” and being put up for adoption. We turned right around and went back in.

    When we went back in and asked about him, we were told where he was being taken. They guessed that he was a border terrier mix and under a year old. My daughter and I went back to meet him. When he saw us he didn’t bark, he just jumped up, liked my daughters hands, and wagged his tale like crazy. It was love at first sight. We knew immediately he was the one.

    He still doesn’t bark (except in his sleep when he’s dreaming). and has been the perfect dog for us.

  3. No need to enter me, I just posted this on win a book! I have been involved with dachshund rescue my whole life!

    • pearl on October 2, 2010 at 16:40

    When my mother died suddenly and young I was devastated and depressed. I was in a fog and nothing helped. This was a situation which would have persisted for a long time until a good friend told me about lap dog rescue. I became interested and visited their facility and was immediately captivated by the loveable dogs. I knew there and then that I would adopt an adorable dog and take him home forever. This dog would provide me with companionship, love and help rescue me from my sadness. I adopted a small, cute mix, This handsome dog whose name is Bogie has provided me with hours of fun, happiness and we go out together everyday. I visit the different parks in the area and meet other people with their dogs and exhange greetings. Bogie is smart, energetic and tireless and his presence in my life has tranformed my outlook and future.

    • JHS on October 2, 2010 at 17:23

    OMG, I didn’t know October is Nat’l Adopt A Dog Month!!

    Ironically, we just adopted a dog TODAY!! No kidding! Abigail arrived from Animal Friends Connection, our local rescue group, a couple of hours ago and she is right now about 3 feet from, lying on the carpet, slowly getting acclimated. She is scared because she was running wild for more than a month before being taken in by a foster family the past 2 weeks. She is so sweet and loving, but very stand-offish still. We are just letting her explore and Sophie is standing by, ready to play with and love her when she is ready. We are calling her “Abbi-Girl” and waiting for her to realize that we are going to take good care of her. We adopted Sophie and Buddy in 2001 from Pets ‘n’ Pals, another local shelter. We are rescuers . . . we have always had mutts and I’m sure we always will.


    jhsmail at comcast dot net

    • amandasue on October 2, 2010 at 18:11

    Yes I was aware that its Adopt a Dog Month, because Adoption has such an important place in my heart. Let me tell you why. About 3 1/2 years ago when my husband left me and I didn’t know what to do with my life and I was very depressed and lost I decided that I should get a dog, I decided to check out local humane societies, that day I didn’t find any dogs that I wanted because I decided I didn’t want a puppy because I wasn’t up to all the work it takes to training a puppy so I was put on a waiting list and went home. A few days later a lady from a humane society almost an hour away called and said she had a scared 5 month old that was just rescued from a puppy mill, I was hesitant since she was so young but I said I was on my way to come look at her, I got there and it was love at first sight, luckily I told them I was on my way because another lady came into the shelter and said she wanted that puppy but the shelter lady said I was on my way over. I adopted Lolo that day, it took alot of time and effort to work with her to get over her fear of people and being hurt since she came from a very bad past, but once she learned to trust she turned into the most caring loveing dog ever! She has truely blessed my life and brought me joy when I was going through so much, she knows when I’m sad and is always willing to cheer me up with puppy kisses and hugs, or make me laugh by doing something silly. I thought I improved her life by adopting her, but really she is the one who improved my life and now I really can’t imagine my life any differently. Now shes a happy friendly spoiled 4 year old who loves people again and we both have the humane society to thank for bring us together and thats why we urge people to adopt it really can make such a big different!

    unforgetable_dreamer_always (at)

    • Elizabeth N. on October 3, 2010 at 06:12

    We have two dogs, Reeses and Milo. Reeses is a sheltie mix that we adopted from the shelter, and Milo is a miniature dachshund that we inherited from my little sister when she went off to college. Both of them are “Momma’s dogs” and follow me around the house with no regard to where my husband is.

    One fall day before Milo joined us, my husband and I had taken Reeses with us for a ride in the truck. We passed by a carpet store and needed to run in for a minute. We knew Reeses would be OK in the truck – with the windows cracked because it was such a lovely day.

    Now, this carpet store had a wall of windows at the front – floor-to-ceiling windows. We were busy looking at samples, when all of a sudden, we noticed Reeses was at the front wall of the store! She had pushed open the back window on the truck and escaped out to come get us!

    This was the first of several times she escaped out of vehicles because she could see us and did not like being left in the car (even if there were other people with her!).

    • Jeane on October 4, 2010 at 12:27

    My cats are kind of aloof, but I remember when my daughter was just a toddler and not talking much, my cat Irwin used to get very upset when she cried. He would come running into the room and wrap himself around her legs and look up at her making little cries. I would always say to her: Oh look, the kitty’s sad that you’re crying, he’s giving you a hug and that would make her smile.

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