Bloggiesta Update – First Day

I’m calling it a day here – ready to go to bed and read a bit. I did pretty well on my goals for the day. This is what I accomplished:

  1. Write my TLC Book Tour review for The Weird Sisters (due January 24th). I also wrote up a related post which will be a guest post by the author – COMPLETED
  2. Post my crazy hoarding photos of books and do a little write up on that – COMPLETED –  here the link to that post.
  3. Update the blogger links in my sidebars (I am actually considering deleting these and doing something different) – COMPLETED. I decided to delete all my lit blog links since I have a widget in my sidebar that tracks comments and links to the blogger who posted the comment. My sidebar was just taking too long to load – and I follow many, many blogs (more than who I had in my sidebar which made me feel bad for those I was leaving out). I may add things back in, but for now, I like what I have done.
  4. Update my All Things Creative page to include all 2010 completed projects and start a page for 2011 – COMPLETED. You can now see my completed 2010 quilts here; and there is a page for those I am planning to complete in 2011.
  5. Go through all review books/ARCs queries and respond to them; make files for review books/ARCs I’ve accepted and organize them by date need to be read (this is in my email account); update my spreadsheet on TBR books – COMPLETED
  6. Respond to all comments on my blog (I am SO far behind!!) – NOT DONE YET
  7. Add new challenges and update tags on A Novel Challenge blog.- NOT DONE YET
  8. Complete draft of Mailbox Monday for 1/24/2011 – COMPLETED

I also did a couple of things NOT on my list:

  • Wrote my Sunday Salon post which only needs a bit of tweeking in the morning.
  • Added a tweet/re-tweet button to my blog after reading this post on Michelle’s blog (thanks, Michelle)

Tomorrow I’ll begin my list with #6 and #7 above (which I didn’t get to today) and add the remainder of my tasks to the list.

Total time spent on Bloggiesta today: 6.5 hours

What I did when I wasn’t blogging:

  • Ate
  • Played with Raven
  • Took a long walk
  • Worked on a quilt project
  • Did laundry (2 loads)
  • Talked on the phone
  • Took a shower

Did you participate in Bloggiesta today? What did YOU get done?

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  1. Wow, you got a lot done! I really enjoyed your book hoarding post, by the way. I don’t feel so alone in my addiction now.

  2. I understand your issue with #3. I had a blog list up but created a separate page for all 95 or so of them so no one was left out. It’s hard to decide what to keep on the sidebars and sometimes it gets so cluttered that things need to be rearranged or dumped altogether. It can be a tough decision :/

    • Wendy on January 23, 2011 at 20:35

    Kathy: Thank you, my dear 🙂

    Teacher/Learner: I hated to delete blog links – but I just needed to figure out a different way. I’m still trying to decide how to link to bloggers, but keep it less cluttered on my page.

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